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The Spirit of MacGyver Compels Me!


So a few weeks ago I managed to break my Firefly in the most unusual of ways. I hit something that drove the micro usb plug off the board so I lost the ability to charge the battery or access the videos from the sd card without removing it.

Then tonight I got to thinking about the camera and how I might be able to fix it.

The most nerve-wracking part was the decision to try to solder a micro-losi plug onto the stock battery. Having a healthy respect for the volatile nature of lipos, the idea of a novice applying a soldering iron to one made my eye twitch.

Then it took some time to figure out where and how to mount it. Enter the ziptie and a ranger band for grip and my project was a success.

And a great part is the ability to charge the battery with my 1S charger


well done and I like your respect of the fact about the lipo. not the usual you tuber lol … solder and pierce it … ahh be grand lol …well done


I’ve had a few scary moments early on trying to charge multiple 1S batteries before getting that charger, so it took a while for me to get it down when I went to 3S. I still keep to a strict system when charging.

Plus I can’t just go and kill my gear since I am not rolling in money or sponsorships :slight_smile:

Here is some raw footage, turn off sound.


that’s some nice piloting dude … and I hear you about the batteries … had to throw out 2 little 1s batteries other day as puffed …{ I’m trigger happy for punch when I shouldn’t lol } felt like I was throwing money in the bin gutted … that thing moves to dude :skier::skier: