The Postman Cometh


Today is a good day.


I’ve wonder how those Zop batts hold out? I’ve seen some very mixed reviews of them when I wanted to buy some. Please let us know how you get on with them


Will do!
The 750 batteries are significantly larger than the 850, I think the 850 is probably more like a 600.
In any event, I’ll post results.


can’t even handle this. plus a TW shirt.


I see brushless in your future!:eyes:
Nice haul, be sure to show us what you make of it


Sure! :smile:


Finally got some silicone sleeved wires in…and a helping hand that actually helps! Next buy is going to be a Taranis X9D+ Special Edition…I’ve finally set my mind on what direction to go before investing more into the hobby. Thanks for your help everyone in that decision!


The zop “850” is a decent 450 in reality. For 6 bucks that’s ok.
The zop 2/$10 750 however, they’re pretty nice! Then I do recommend.


Ayeeeeee! 850mah is closer to 450mah?! That’s pretty shocking, 700mah you would expect. That is crazy. Thanks for doing that Bobnova, I may take a punt on the 750mah though :joy:


Yeah the 850 with xt60 is a crock. At least the one I got, smaller physically than the 750!
At $10/2 the 750 is great. Red JST needed to go for my uses, but that’s mostly because the spintech motors eat well north of 10a each at full burn and red JST isn’t really up to that.


How is that even possible? lol. With results like that it really is a gamble, was looking to pick up some 3s but the very few reviews of this brand has been really off putting.


Easily if it’s just a sticker!

It’s a lot like computer power supplies, you can find cheap decent ones, but you have to trawl through a lot of junk.


Dude ain’t that the truth!


Not sure if I should post this here, or the carnage thread… It was a Runcam Split Pre-order and not going to say the name of the retailer (HINT: Starts with “BANG” ends with “GOOD”)

Still waiting on a battery before I can test if the camera still works, but will check if the USB can power the Runcam split without it.

Already contacted the site to make sure I can return it, seems I have 3 days after delivery or 30 days after shipment.


The postman cometh with carnage. (Not cabbage, like my phone suggested…)

I bet it’ll work, certainly hope so at least!


The postman returneth.

Wifi dongle pins were bent, and since that was packed right next to the main board, I suspect some pressure was also on the main board.

It wont stayed powered and I can’t connect to the wifi. I didn’t want to cut the wires to install to my vtx, but The manual says USB 5V should be enough.

Going to return it and maybe get a swift mini…less things to go wrong.


And on that day, he received his parts. Tomorrow, we build.


Some stuff from TBS for my chameleon build.
So excited