The Postman Cometh


Nice. I’m waiting on my F7 Hex Brushless boards. I’ve got all the components waiting already.


My bleeding edge brother!!


Nice to put a name to a nick. :slight_smile:


You have to solder all the components on by hand or you have special jigs and machines,how do ypu get the main chips on with soo many tiny legs?


There are stencils that are used to apply solder paste in alignment with the pads on the board. Then, yeah, you position things by hand, and bake or use hot air to activate the solder.

Check this and others by @madman1412:

And this for an overview:


I use a smd hot air station like this one, and place components in a few groups at a time. There are different techniques such as “baking” as well.

I know very little about electronics, and how they work. I can however assemble things (with help @pedro147🙂) All the hard work has been done by far wiser people than I. You can read about them here:

Kendal 2 In 1 Smart Hot Air Rework Soldering Iron Station 898D+

This is one of the F4 Aliens i assembled in work:




So sick. Turns out spacecowboy lives like 10 min from me. Pretty cool - I’m even more excited now to fly a local design.


WTH? That close to a designer? Dude, you HAVE to take advantage of that relationship! :-PpPpPp


I’m considering getting one to try out, will take much longer to get to me though. Lets see what you make of it.


Fricking awesome, @NotFastEnuf! This little Space Cowboy XLR-2 is a brilliant micro BL design. Can’t wait till you get it flying. :smiley:

Too funny that Maurice would live close to you in FL. Being a “cowboy,” I had naively assumed that he was based in Texas. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the name comes from, The Joker:

Some people call me the space cowboy, yeah
Some call me the gangster of love
Some people call me Maurice
Cause I speak of the pompitous of love


I know, I am so tempted to design a canopy that mimics the lines of this thing and replaces all the 1mm carbon on top. No idea if he will be into that … but I’ll like it. His work is inspiring. It motivates me to get into frame design to go along with my canopies.


@Denovich: That song was going through my head as I was typing up my naive assumption. “I’m a smoker, I’m a midnight talker.” And of course, Florida has a Space Coast, too. :smiley:

There really should be a Wikipedia for people’s nicknames. :wink:

@NotFastEnuf: I think the characteristic XLR design is pretty cool as-is. But you never know until you try a canopy. :wink:

As far as designing your own frame(s), AP has made it a lot more accessible. Provided you are content to stick with flat CF stock, that is. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes - it’s a wonderful time we live in. I was going to submit my 3" build long ago (back when that was micro… lol) but never motivated and quite glad for it. Things have gotten much smaller and lighter since then.


Today is a good day, three different orders of consumables arrived!
Rapid consumables I guess, props and batteries. Most of my parts seem to be consumable in the long run.

5 sets of 40mm kingkong triblade 1mm shaft props.
5 sets 2035bn, I now have 7 sets spare.
2 sets of the emax props @NotFastEnuf likes so much.
2 tattu 300mAh 2s packs.
3 youcute 350mAh 2s packs (@NotFastEnuf again).
2 tattu 450 mAh 2s packs.
1 far too heavy for any of my builds HeliNation battery strap (free).
1 mortgage bill (not free)



  1. PA-09
  2. three sets of RX3044Ts
  3. three PCBs of the AFNG F7 Hex Brushless v1.1 board
  4. one (spare) Arfun version of the Awesome E90
  5. two (for science) Arfun Pro 95mm frames


Oh, yea…
Found a suitable host for my first AFNG F7 BL:


I have the emax edition of that frame on denovich’s recommendation and love it!


holy cow…those frames look freakin’ awesome O_O