The Postman Cometh


More props + Raceflight Millivolt and Spark x3


Where did you find Gemfan 3120 props?


3120 must be the model number. They are 2035s, by size/pitch.

Got them from Atmospheric Adventures. $3.39ea for 5 sets + $8 ship.
And the very next day, Spinntech listed them for sale for $12.50 for 5 with $2 ship.


Myrcmart has them for 4 props @ $1.99:


Just checked on BG - they are 3.59$ (3.32$ for 3 to 9 sets), no shipping.

Spintech would charge 6$ for international shipping, Myrcmart 3$.

Sent BG a price alert, curious if they’ll change the price… I guess since they have no shipping, they’re still cheapest for only one or two sets (even though nobody orders only one set…).


The spec of version from myrcmart look different from BG, it’s seem for 1mm shaft, not sure it’s typo or not

Model: 2035-4
Size: 2 inch
Material: Durable Composite Material
Hub Inner Diameter: 1mm
Two M2 screw holes for locking the propeller
You need motor with 1mm shaft to fit this propeller otherwise you have to make the hole bigger by yourself to fit 1.5mm shaft.
Application: Speical for 1104, 1102, 1105, 1304 motor design.
2 CW + 2 CCW (2 Pairs per package)


A 1.5mm drill helps. :wink:
I don’t think the hole is really 1mm, but without drilling them a tiny bit they have a “hell of a press fit” - in case you have some BR1103s that’s possibly a good thing.

@Denovich do yours have a 1.5mm hole?


I love my micros (damn you wind!!!)…but I’ve always wanted to attach my GoPro to something in the sky…


This should last me a few weeks I hope…


That’s always the question. How long will these motor last? :blush:


Glad you said something, I soldered a set in last night and had forgot to test them today. Not too shabby for cheapos. Had to jump outside and rip a quick pack. Maybe a tiny bit on the slow end but not by much - it still does everything I ask of it and flies so much smoother than 4 mismatched kv motors from my junk pile. Fortunately (sort of) these will all fall victim to gravity, asphalt, and an overly aggressive flight style so I don’t have to worry about quality or longevity. 25$ for a 20 pack. I usually kill an average of a set a week from impacts.


This week is a good week.


Rest the stuff from yesterday.

That warning label with the battery is my favorite ever I think.


5 cameras arrived today, 2 ef02’s, 1 vm275, 1 tx02, and 1 ccd & 600mw vtx combo for my next 3" build.

Time to start making progress again and put some more stuff in the air. Now … to solder dipoles on everything!


@NotFastEnuf - can you share what cheapo motors they are and how I may procure some? Thanks!


Geez thats a long link. They unfortunately are not the actual motors pictured in the image - I would have prefered motors with that marking as they seem a little faster - what actually arrives has a black cap instead of gray without the MD marking. They work fine on 65mm props but I would not suggest them for 55mm props as all these “toy” spec motors are a but slow. Kingkong 65mm props wake them up though and still produce great flight times. Considering I will destroy a set a week pushing limits and crashing into asphalt- I dont care about longevity so I will never be able to comment on that. They do have extra long wires and no plugs. I’m happy with the purchase. They are a little cheaper through the android app.


@NotFastEnuf Thanks man - too bad the 60 day delivery schedule is outside my window of opportunity. I only have till the end of May…Oh well, Maybe next time. :frowning:


They actually showed up faster than that but you never know with china


Closer yet to the Chameleon…let’s hope I don’t explode this guy from the power. :scream: But before then, playing with PIDs on the micros. I must overcome the tuning challenge!!!


Someone is going to suddenly have to call out sick tomorrow …
It’s going to be a long night!!