The Postman Cometh


It will do the job. A Bluetooth mouse/keyboard would go a long way to making it easier to use. Blhelisuite/Betaflight Configurator etc aren’t touch friendly.

I use a VM on my mac for my windows needs. It’s by far the best way to run Windows.


Thanks, @Denovich. That’s one of the reasons I’m considering the notebook as well. BT peripherals for tablets are too fiddly for my taste. Would avoid any OTG cable pitfalls too.

I ran Parallels and Win XP some years ago. But I don’t really want to pay the “Microsoft tax” again for a current Windows license. I like the idea of physically separate systems, in part because I’m running out of SSD space on my MBP. Might be able to run a VM on one of the desktop Macs (with larger HDD) instead.

Thanks for making me think this through before blowing money on a Chinese tablet. :wink:


An everyday Windows user could live with it. But I find it tedious. And it’s not really the hardware’s. The touchscreen is not iPad quality, but I knew that when I paid $86 for it. It’s Windows which is the real pain. Windows 10 is such a disorganized mess. It wouldn’t be much better on a desktop, the only real improvement being the mouse and keyboard. Their Tablet interface is hardly any different than their desktop one. Finger = mouse, that’s it. Onscreen keyboard takes up half the screen, right on top of where you were looking most probably. So you can’t see what you are typing. :face_palm:


I went to a local computer store and tested out OTG adapters to make sure it worked and bought one. So my Chuwi tablet can connect to my FC and configure Cleanflight settings just fine. It’s the cheapest option that I know of and works well enough. I have no complaints.


Thanks, @Denovich and @jayodas. I am torn between “face palm” and “well enough.” :confounded: Will hopefully get over my reservations and decide on a solution by the time “the postman cometh” with my Atom V2 and Tango. :stuck_out_tongue:


KKopter Cometh !!
Guaranteed Frame, yea, I’m gonna acro the shit out of this!!


Looks sporty :+1:.


How is the Kkopter build coming on? I’m quite tempted.


Hey @Chaotix
It’s on my to do list for sure
I’ve been caught up w my -18 alien spider.
The frame looks great, it was designed for a Scisky FC so I’ll have to go through the set up, I picked up a newer version recently. I’ll keep you posted🙂



Going to do a light build with my Ladybird FC, 7mm, and this fine Picnic Quads 100mm frame.


Oh nice! Oddly enough, I too received a package with a similar build in the mix. Beef’s brushed build coming up…pictures after xmas :smiley:


Bits and pieces for the next nano-brushless build…


My blue 10000kv’s arrived yesterday…

I was tempted by the 4-1, but I went with 4 separate ESC’s again to not have it get to high in the center. I’m curious on how the cut down 3025’s will perform!


Going with a brushed fc conversion? I’ve got those motors and the 4in1 esc in the post along with a femto. Got to say, that frame looks indestructible.


S800 Reptile FPV Wing
Fatshark HD3s
2207-2600kV motors. >1700g thrust
TBS Triumph Stubby antennae


Alien Trooper arrived today, and pleased he was.
As all the components are now ready for assembly!
He personally escorted the 0820-18 Dark Editions from Australia :australia:
FPV set up yet undetermined


A simple recipe for massive fun right there! I’m loving my new AlienWii classic.


…right behind you!


The stars have aligned,
All the ingredients are here,
A few F4 AlienNG brushed FCs are in my near future!