The Postman Cometh


Think that white one should be otg. Have you tried to connect an Usb stick to the tablet with your white cable?
If this is recognised by the tablet the white one is otg.
You said your black one is an otg cable too. Try using a normal usb one. Maybe two otg in a row don’t work (whyever).
Just my ideas.
Think @Denovich will shed some light on that issue since he got it working.


Thanks @chrisdo but I can’t use that white cable to connect a usb stick because it has a male connector. I’ll wait for @Denovich to respond.

I’m thinking this USB Type C Male to Micro USB Male cable should work.


I think you have the USB2Go cable ass-backwards.

Plug it in to the usb Micro connector. Then use a regular usb cable to your FC.

I don’t think my Chuwei came with a USB-C port…


When I bought OTG cables, my single otg cable wouldn’t supply power either. For some reason it just wont work, but my otg that is split in a Y with an extra usb slot in it works. I think it’s the male end that is the problem, it’s too long and doesn’t connect like it should.


Well, my Chuwi Hi8 has a USB Type C port, so I’m going to run down to the computer shops with the tablet and my Scisky and test out some OTG cables and hubs until I find one that works. Thanks guys!


The Postman Cometh!
This will be my Multiflight Pico Stealth.


Goodies from, micromotor warehouse and banggood …
its a bomb from the postman :wink:


You’ll like that frame. Flies very smooth and agile



Super nice!
Plan on printing w carbon fiber?
Not sure which machine that is, but can’t wait to see the results.


QIDI Tech 1, dual extruder. Flashforge Creator Pro clone.

Really impressed with packaging, design.

First print was a success:


Interesting new frame design you’ve got there :wink:


Bet it flies like a pig… Couldn’t resist :smirk:


A nice new addition to my family:

Arduino, no I don’t, doyouno?
But I’m gonna find out…


OMG :0 jelly of that tablet!!!

This is going to sound silly, but i am a computer noobie. Are all the drivers you need for cleanflight installed? did they come already installed? or did you need to install them?


Computers in general are not my strong suit. When I first installed cleanflight I don’t remember having any issues with drivers.
This little gem is for a special project I’m setting up for.


This is awesome! Out of curiousity did you have to install anything other than clean flight?


On the android phone you install a program called EZGUI from the play store. It works with FC’s that use Cleanflight, Betaflight, and Multiwii.

I use an OTG USB cable so I know the cable is capable of providing power from the phone to the FC. Not sure if you can use a normal USB cable or not. I’ve heard reports that you can.


You’ll need to install them. It’s just like any Windows PC so just follow the regular advice.


@jayodas: Did you manage to find a USB-C OTG cable to get everything working successfully? It’s mind boggling that you can get a tablet PC with OEM copy of Winblows essentially for the price of a standalone Windows license.

@Denovich: Our house has been Windows-free for years. However, between BLHeli Suite and TBS Agent, I’ve resigned myself to adding a cheap Windows system to our network. Do you think something like this Chuwi H8 Pro for $100 with an OTG cable is good enough to get the job done? Or is it worth it to pay extra for something like an ASUS VivoBook E200 for $200, which is more like a laptop?