The Postman Cometh


7 separate deliveries, would have been 8 if the FedEx guy delivering my Revolectrix batteries bothered to knock.

I needed to lay down and bask in the afterglow after all this unboxing.

Look how tiny that CC3D Revo Mini FC (lower right). That’s an F4 based FC! Raceflight here I come.

The highlight, or at least most anticipated delivery were my LaForge FPV modules. They add true diversity to the Fatsharks, as well as improved ergonomics. Flying FPV with a bunch of people is such a pain in the ass. No more dip switches, no more counting how many times I pressed rhe channel button. No more wondering how close Boscam E channel 4 is to Fatshark channel 1. My initial tests prove out what my early adopter friends have been raving about. They offer incredible range/penetration compared to well just about anything. They had a race in a cave system this weekend, and the LaForges were out-doing the ground stations. Took about an hour of fettling to install them.

Oh yeah… I’m sure that chicks won’t be able to resist this look.

And although using it and attaching it to my home network gives me the sense of comfort I’d expect from shooting up with a used needle I found at a bus stop, this little Chinese tablet looks like it will be a winner. I got it for $82 on Banggood when it was first released. It’s $97 now. Dual boot Windows 10 / Android 5. My first taste of Windows 10 and it’s as bad as I expected, but not worse. Only took a few min to load Chrome, Cleanflight/Raceflight configurator, BLhelisuite and the drivers to go with them. It even came with the USB2go adapter.

Now I can do just about anything in the field! Sweet.


Nice nice nice!
The only thing I don’t like about the LaForges is that there is no proper cover. Some module covers made of fully transparent plastic would be great. Already saw some 3D printed la forge covers, but they didn’t look too great and left the little screen exposed.

Is there any source for replacement module covers btw.?
What’s the stuff in the bottom right? Switches? And which camera did you get? :wink:

I also received some things today. One really nice looking ImmersionRC spiroNET 8dBi RHCP patch antenna, and the Horizon Hobby case for the DIY Taranis Spektrum module! Today is delivery day! :smiley:


Nice deliveries!

I see another cc3d mini there, is that getting an f3 too, and whats it going in?


:joy: With this anntennas at your head you come close to a cyborg…


@Denovich where did you find the nice SMA thumb/finger wrench?

Edit: Found something on thingiverse:


I use my android phone to tune and make adjustments in the field. Its so convenient! It has come in handy so many times, not just for tuning.


Bottom right are little WS2812 leds. They are on breakapart boards. One led per board 5V input. Addressable and can be daisy chained. The bigger led boards were all too big/heavy for what I wanted. These are cheap and lightweight and small. About 1cm diameter.

Cam is another BG Fattie.


CC3D REVOUTION Mini. Already has an F4 on board!

I think it’s going in my 1407 motored 175mm frame. (That will soon get 1707 motors) I plan to run Raceflight on it.


Came already installed on my TrueRC X-Air antenna. (Excellent antenna BTW, if you fly within it’s sweet spot).

The TBS Triumph Antennas are proving to be awesome. Paired with the TBS Unify Pro VTX I get amazing range. Trees that were impossible to fly behind are reduced to a flicker. It’s nice not having any worries about the most critical part of my setup.


Very nice, sorry for my identification error.


On what powerlevel do you run that thing? 11 of 10? (aka 600mW).

I did also play with the TBS Triumph antennas a bit, using a TBS 5.8ghz RX module, I can not really complain.
I think I’ll go for the cheaper diversity module from nexwave once that becomes available - using a Triumph for omnidirectional and the spironet patch for directional.


Having the screen exposed is basically unavoidable. You need access to the thumbwheel on it’s right edge to navigate the menu.

I put hotglue under the unsupported edges of the glass. I’m also planning to solder on a “rollbar”… Basically a piece of 12ga bare solid conductor wire, bent like a staple to fit from the screw hole in the top right to the screw hole on the bottom right.

I suspect you can get replacement covers direct from Fatshark.

The 3D printed ones aren’t great now for 2 reasons. Most are fugly and most are made to fit version 1 LaForges. They slightly changed the layout/dimensions for V2.


11 is 800mW on the unify pro!

25->200->500->800 are the valid power levels.

Have only tried 200mw so far. It’s so good (and gets plenty warm) that I haven’t needed/dared to try the higher output ranges.


Should have added a smiley. I’m excited about the idea of running Raceflight. Betaflight works so well now it hardly seems like Beta any more.


I was keen on a revo a while back. I am sure it will be an awesome FC.

I loaded raceflight the other day in prep for finally building the kkngf4 (slack I know) into something, Its all pretty and red, surely it’s faster!


@Denovich How has the windows tablet been working for you to tune PIDs etc in the field? I’m keen to get one as well for use in the field.


I hate Windows, and it’s especially poor when experienced via a mobile/touch UI… But if you can get past that the tablet works well.


Hi @Denovich, my Chuwi Hi8 arrived. Windows 10 works quite nicely on it. I downloaded the Cleanflight configuration software but when I plug my FC in as shown in the photo below, the FC doesn’t receive any power and I cannot connect to it to configure it. The black OTG cable is working when I tested it to connect it to my laptop using a male to male USB cable.

How did you connect your Hi8 tablet to your FCs to configure them?


Is the white cable plugged in the tablet an otg?
I use a similar tablet (teclast x80 pro) which came with a otg cable (micro USB to female USB).
Have to plug in this otg in the tablet an then use a male USB to male micro USB to connect the FC.


The connection to the tablet is a USB 3.1 Type-C Male.
So it came with a USB 3.1 Type-C Male to USB Male cable. Maybe this cable is only for charging and cannot do data transfer??