Micro Motor Community

The One Percent Club


I finally made it!.. lol :joy:
I always dreamed of being a one percenter


How are you doing that? Reselling? Tell us more!


Nothing as sexy as that

I just crash a lot


All quad parts or tools to work on quads.




Nice job Sir



Thanks! Time to place another order!


Do they sell diapers you think?
We could camouflage our booty😂


and I’ve had more than one account :anguished::joy::joy:

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Holy mackerel! :astonished: Kudos for reaching the top of the BG food chain! :smile:

Does being a one-percenter confer any benefits beyond bragging rights, e.g. additional discounts? I also wonder whether this is app-only. Do you get the same badge of honor if you access BG via the website?

I’m just a VIP3, which probably means I’m boring average. :blush:

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Way to go @joshthebox

Knew from the start this was the place to be…


I’ve seen the VIP reference on bg , maybe an invitation to become one.

I think I got a coupon for a few dollars off. The other 8 coupons I would have to become VIP 3 or 4


Well, I just pre-ordered a Jumper T8SG Multi-Protocol Compact TX, and went to check my status. Also downloaded the app, which is designed to hook you in and keep you addicted, even more than the Amazon app. :stuck_out_tongue: I do have a bunch of VIP3 coupons, although with many restrictions.

Bottom line: It appears I am not a One Percenter. But it’s OK. I’m content to remain a common man. :wink:


I’m trying to cut down on my purchases :joy:

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Time to join Micro Motors Anonymous! It’s an exclusive and even more rarefied society than the One Percent Club. :stuck_out_tongue:


And everyone is welcome there as well


I just don’t want to know… Oh, and make sure your wives don’t find out


Dang, 98.1%


What the… ? 100%?? What does that mean? Surely I’m not the single person, of all members, that has spent the most, I’m not a millionaire! :neutral_face:

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Ok, i checked it. I just spent more than 99’5% than the rest of members in just 195 days.

My guess is that there are a looooot of members, and most members only spend a few dollars once in a while, considering how many different things banggoods sells

And, of course, fpv is not cheap, and you need to spend a few hundreds just to get started… So most of us that want to go cheap should have similar percentages

I don’t know… But i don’t feel so special… Not just because this app tells me…


Isn’t “Wow, you are so special!” an insult? :smiley:
I wont install the app, I’ll hopefully never know how bad the situation is! :slight_smile: