The Micro Motor University - a micro FPV online course

Im working on a new project to educate micro FPV beginners.
Its called the Micro Motor University, a multi-part online course, delivered in daily emails.
To the old veterans in this forum: If you want to help me by proof-reading my message or checking my facts, I would highly appreciate if you join the class.
And if you are new here, or have friends that are new to the hobby, please send them this link:


This has got to be one of the coolest things ive ever seen in this hobby. I def subscribed… I hope to be of some help in one way or another!

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Going on some of the support stuff I deal with regularly this is perfectly timed @Benedikt. So many newcomers who don’t seem to have grasped the basics yet are willing to strap a Lipo on and take risks. How many old hands do you need onboard?

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I need everyone on board. Mission-critical project :wink:

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Signed up a few minutes ago. But so far, no confirmation e-mail. Will report back if I don’t get it in next 24h. :wink:

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Just did it …

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Subscribed! Very nice idea btw.

Chief scientist! How cool. I sub’d

Very cool idea.

I just received lesson 1. Very clear information. I would add a section on multi protocol radios as well. That allows a new pilot to explore anything that flies uninhibited by receiver type. Including toy grade stuff. It’s sort of a commitment free approach.

Years ago we were cracking our brand new transmitters open to modify for range or add modules… bricking them to flash hacked software. It was only for advanced users. But now you open the box on a full range multi protocol tx and it already comes with open tx or deviation and the modules are already installed. It has become a great beginner option.


Trouble reaching the site from Southern California atm, @Benedikt…

Multiprotocol modules - very nice idea @NotFastEnuf!
My own experience with them was frustrating and therefor limited.
We can talk about co-authoring though…
After getting the Whoops done :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure what the issue is @burtlo.
I just woke up and it’s all working. No downtime reported from provider.
Maybe a temporary or regional issue. Let me know if it persists!


Looked regional, the free DNS check site I aimed at it came back all correct, but actually trying to browse to it failed with no DNS record found.
Not sure where my work network gets it’s DNS from, though I should know I suppose, given that I set it up.

In any event, it resolves now, so presumably it was an issue somewhere in the DNS mess that feeds California, though I’m most of a kilomile north of Burt.

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Had that issue in Minnesota.

Also sub’d. Thanks @Benedikt

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I got my 1st edition this morning in Ecuador… :slight_smile:
Nice Job!

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Works now.

Reading through the 5.8ghz fpv feed edition (2.4ghz transmitter email looked great). In paragraph 3 (including intro) it says “you will have difficulties to control the model accurately over the FPV stream”.
It needs a minor correction to “you will have difficulties controling the model accurately over the FPV stream”.

In paragraph 7 it says “Since very recently, Iftrontech also offers a ClearView Fatshark module.”
I would say something like “Iftrontech recently released a ClearView Fatshark module.”

I think this series will definitely be useful to people!

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I’ll sub also! Great idea @Benedikt

I second the use of a multi-protocol radio as well. My first big hairy soldering project was installing a multi-protocol module in a Devention Devo 7e transmitter. I learned to solder with the following youtube videos and practiced on the board of an old cable modem until I got the hang of it. Till today I still use my Devo 7e to fly micro brushless quads using DSM/DSMX protocol.

But if I were starting out today, I would buy the Jumper T8SG transmitter.

Looks like here is an upgraded version with better gimbals.