The Micro Motor Thrust Stand

This is a thrust stand for micro outrunner motors with propellers up to 75mm diameter.
The following post contains links to all hardware and software used in this build, so its easy to build your own.

LEGO part list:

print file for the motor mount:

printed motor mounts:

motor controller:

firmware by @wallieonline :

Arduino IDE:

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Cant u just use an upside down electric scale? Never done it b4 but that’s kinda what popped into mind when I read the title

Scales tend not to work very well upside down. They are also hard to read, and you will have to somehow mount them upside down and then have the thrust go straight onto it.
Added details to the BoM a minute ago, and will add further details soon!

first cut of the video uploaded and added to the first post.

Hi there, im planning to build thrust meter too for micro motor, i have hx711 laying around i will update my project here if u dont mind, im planning for two mode data logging for the result, 1st record the thrust based on throttle PWM (10%,20%, and so on). And the second is logging every x ms for full throttle in given of time, just hope i have free time to design pcb and share here

Send you a pm for the firmware on github.

Great project! Thanks for sharing! I’ve been wanting to make one for some time now but never got around to it. By the way, the 3D printed file on Thingiverse is for 7mm motors? Is there a version for 6mm motors?


By the way, what’s the standard Lego part # for the pin that serves as the pivot for the Angle connector?