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The Micro Motor Carnage Thread


I’m almost certain your motors are just getting tired. You fly in a way that uses them to their full so to be honest I’m surprised they’ve lasted a number of months. Treat it and yourself to a new set and keep the old set together as reserves. Motor plugs don’t suffer from much degradation unless they are moved or unplugged often, they will feel warm after a flight if there are problems developing there.


Hahahah! I think you’re right

Thanks @Chaotix will do.

I’ll follow up


I was trying a mattystuntz trick and it didn’t go as planned :imp: I ended up destroying my frame and flight controller. Just a friendly reminder that real life isn’t like a simulator. When you crash… you BURN!!:joy: :cry: https://youtu.be/_ep6R7DTQ9c


Ouch! That hurts just watching it! Glad at least some parts survived.
Looks like me trying to powerloop, right down to hitting a roof.


I was trying to do the opposite of a power loop lol. ESC’s and motors are fine. Didn’t even break a prop!


lol, yeah, that’s what made it so perfect for me!

I’m impressed the props didn’t die.

Worst part is, I think you would have made it if it hadn’t been for the roof placement there.


Yeah that’s what made me so mad… stupid shed lol!


On the bright side, I have found the sound a shed makes on impact at least helps in targeting down craft location.


Yeah the nice clear “GONGGGGG” of hitting my shed is pretty distinctive. As is slamming into the side of the garage I’m sitting in, I’ve jumped when that’s happened.



Windy day + Me,stubborn = 2 burned-out motors due to the AIRMODE toggle in the wrong position while searching for my quad in 1ft grass. Ok, so it’s pilot error and I’ve moved on, but this got me thinking…

If (GYRO = 180) and AIRMODE is engaged for more than ( x ) sec THEN, AIRMODE=0 {should work}
if MOTOR_CURRENT > (Preset value in amps), Then, AIRMODE=0 {another possible method}

Whatcha think? Should I bother submitting something like this?


I am unsure of the CLI commands, but I can say dont feel alone!

The same thing kind of happened to me. I was flying and crashed pretty far out down the field. Then some random older guy started telling me his life story, and I didn’t realize that the props were still spinning… (I had accidentally hit the “arm” switch as i was putting my TX down)… after a few minutes of this guy chewing my ear off, I am able to break free for a second to find my quad only to see a rubber grommet was completely melted from the heat the back right motor was putting on it…Fresh set of motors too! I was pissed, because yes it was pilot error, but damn if that guy never came up to me and started randomly talking to me I would have found it on time… good times! :frowning: lol


I don’t think there is - I was just proposing a “feature” for some future release of CF/BF.

As for your random guy chewing your ear off while your 200ft above ground going 40mph and you have to concentrate on, etc, etc…? Yep - daily occurrence for me though, interest is sincere and growing here which is good for the sport/hobby. :slight_smile:


Practicing dives when the ground jumped up and bit me result from a weak motor mount and a few motor ejections

now im down to the tiny whoop with a bad cam😖 also this was flying great had two brownouts (crap venom’s)now it just flips over trying to take off ?
Update: recalibrated escs on a friends computer flying like a champ again


Just a quick follow up - yep it was the motors. What took 60 to 80% to get off the ground, now takes 40%. Good call!


Pretty sure there’s supposed to be a bit more PCB here, and an antenna. Oops.


Hey at least your signal pad is still there!!! You can grab ground anywhere for a “sort of” fix it. Set that one aside for a canopy as you will no longer have the structural support of the ground tabs on the antenna. Brushless canopy is on top of my list … you won’t have that problem long. I ordered some nylon stand-offs to attach to the tabs on that chaser 88 frame. Plan is for the canopy to bolt to standoffs and have sort of a skirt that goes down to the frame. Also have a Mohawk sitting on the bench for your smart 100 frame.


Yup! Signal is there, it’s ultralight time for that one. I’ll swap something else in for this for now. Using the tabs on the Chaser88 sounds perfect!
If you need dimensions or anything let me know.


I have 3 frames here now. The 3rd just arrived moments ago. I’m thinking the closer of the 2 bolt patterns and may grind off the outside ones if I use a strap instead of a rubber band for the battery.


Both sets are open for use on my install. I went with discreet ESCs on the arms, but I can always carve out channels in the canopy to fit that.


As did I, I figure I’m bound to burn one trying to spin props while stuck in a tree. Maybe even intentionally.