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The Micro Motor Carnage Thread


Sadly no. :frowning: My brother still has my fatsharks 2 hours away. Weekend plans to get together keep falling through. Kicking myself for not ordering a prodvr and wiring it into a spare screen a month ago. I should just do it, I’ll probably have the goggles back that same week of I do (thanks Murphy’s law). Was practicing throttle chops rotating pitch back in fff for that slow motion look at an overhead obstacle as you pass it … started trying it up in the tree canopy - not even sure what took me out. Lol. Landed on a canoe in storage in the back yard. That’s what tanked the motors … but also made a nice thump that helped me find it. I really need to stop building all black quads. Or maybe a supercap powered buzzer that goes off on battery eject??


Surgery complete, went through 4 motors in my junk pile before I found a working ccw and unfortunately my last ccw option. It’s a 15kv silver and horribly overpowered to the other generics (and nuclear hot on 65mm props)… but it’s back in the air for at least one more flight. Hopefully my 20 pack of brushed motors grows wings and flies here from China fast. I’m having way too much fun to start flying conservatively!!! :smile:


Lol, that sounds like me and powerloops. I live how they look when done correctly, but they cause a lot of crashes. Gnarly ones.

The gong show familiar too! That’s a huge part of my finding my kingkong q100 when I browned out 100+ feet up and the DVR ate my footage…
I heard what might have been it hitting the roof of my metal shed, just barely.
I’m still amazed it survived that.

I absolutely cracked up reading those two posts btw. They capture the mayhem quite well.


In need of a new frame to call home. Oops.

Go 3d printer, go!

Poor camera has been through the wars, it’s my first VM275T. The metal lens holder ring thing is not round anymore. Minor focus issues there.
Just took another face first hit too, but doesn’t seem to be any worse off than it was before. Hit wood this time instead of metal / concrete, that’s something.


hehehe- that’s why I use pink, bright green and orange rubberbands. Stealth mode is great until you have to spend 3 hours looking for a quad that just happens to be right under your feet…
It’s not about masculinity - it’s about being practical - hahaha (I hate pink)


I’ve taken to using light blue, glow in the dark, loom bands.

Might start painting the quads with some glow in the dark stuff too. Then you just need nighttime and a beefy UV flashlight.

Ok so I also started using them because I like glowing stuff.
Mostly for that reason.
Fine, almost entirely for that reason.


That was hilarious


I wonder if an fpv camera without the IR filter paired with any particular color / treatment would make one stand out?


E011 - burnt motor in the first 48 hours. Granted I did crash it about a hundred times, silverize its FC, and put close to 50 or more packs through it in these last 2 days - lots of them back to back to back to back … its probably my fault. LOL


That does sound like it could possibly be related to your actions in theory. A little bit.

If you sent it back to Banggood and they actually inspected/tested it their reaction would be priceless “What did he DO to this?!”

In other news I found some ~56kV 7x16 motors listed for sale yesterday. Didn’t do anything useful like save the link, but they’re out there.
Or maybe this is where you plop some 18kV 7x20s in after a frame mod…

Actually 50 packs to roast a small motor isn’t that bad, at least not in my limited experience.


Yeah, I’m not upset with it. This is only my second experience tuning silverware so I was just pushing it hard. I will say this … I am having trouble chasing out all prop wash oscillation and getting a PERFECT exit on flips and rolls. There is a little bounceback or shutter that I just cant tune out … but that said - IT LITERALLY MAKES BETAFLIGHT FEEL LIKE YOU ARE FLYING ON ICESKATES IN COMPARISON. Yes I said literally and I yelled that. :slight_smile: I really mean it. I think if I had to choose, I’d take the quad that is under better control than the one that slides around but exits flips perfectly smooth and doesnt oscillate in propwash. If this thing flies the same outdoors tomorrow as it does indoors - you will see all my other betaflight whoop boards go up for sale immediately for the price of 17.99 (E010 BG USA price).
I can only get better at tuning it from here… the propwash and little shutter at the end of a flip I can live with. I just need to see what thrust imbalances look like outside and I’m hooked.


Slight issue here.

The two small charred areas are from a previous MOSFET issue. The dusting of carbon slightly above them is today… The crack may actually be from a previous day, didn’t crash very hard today. Today it was Failsafe day… I set it to land, as dropping out of the sky is awkward at times.
So, it turns out, is Failsafe trying to land from 4’ of altitude.
Goodbye MOSFET, hello literal charred crater on FC.

Replaced it, haven’t tried running a motor yet, but the FC seems happy in general.


Ok I’ll bite - I’ve now read this term a few times on this site - What is this and can I use this on my quads? I understand if you don’t want to write all day - a link will suffice :slight_smile:


Silverware is software similar to beta flight or clean flight but it is specifically for hacking some toy grade quadcopters into being tuneable, and having acro mode. It works on most toys that have a stm32 processor. It does not have a configurator like the mainstream softwares and is all tuned and set up through editing code and flashing in a way similar to what takes place when these things are manufactured. The end result is a sometimes less than 10$ toy fc becomes full hobby grade with some knowledge and computer work.


I’ve found with the 110 PQ frames, that after I snap an arm off like that, I can trim the other arms to a similar length and grind the widths down to fit the motor mounts again giving me a 92mm frame.



Start there.

Highly recommended firmware. Especially for Devo users. With the H8 mini FC, I even get Telemetry (live battery voltage transmitted back to my TX) which is super cool. These FCs can be used on brushless builds too… they even support DSHOT.


Thanks @Denovich - Luckily I don’t have an H8 or a Devo - but I’m definitely thinking about those props and how’d they compare to the Blade nQx props.
Right now I gotta start troubleshooting a sudden lack of power on my 6mm build - motors or batteries (hopefully not the connectors as I can’t get neither Losi or JST connectors here). Just feels like I’m not getting 100% out of it. Does anyone know what the typical current draw for a 6mm motor is - or - typical measurements (FC/Bat/Motor) in general that I can compare to to see where my power bottleneck is?


I dont know much about how much current a 6mm draws on 100% throttle, but I do know whenever my brushed crafts feel like they are lacking power it is usually due to a stiff motor shaft from an impact from previous flights…

All motors may be spinning fine when throttling up, but if one is slightly stiff from an impact it will absolutely cause the other motors match and lack in power, just to match up with the weak motor… even a tiny little crash can cause a little bit of “stiffening” lol

if you arm, throttle up to 10%, and disarm right after the props start spinning, you may see a prop stop spinning earlier than the rest, that would be an indicator of the “Stiff” motor… (This will be completely noticeable with airmode on, a little more difficult to see with airmode off) … If that is the case, try to carefully take a pair of pliers and pull up on the motorshaft. this should free up the motors a little bit… if you hear a click, then thats a good sign of fixing that motor… if you dont hear a click, then it may not be a stiff motor causing the lack of power, but maybe a weak motor that is nearing the end of its time?

how many flights have you had on that set of motors?


Thanks @quadlifepro - Yeah, the motors are fine in the sense that they’re not rubbing not torqued - and yes, I learned about that ‘click’ a while ago. I’m a pro at popping the motors back in - hahaha
(Great explanation, though)

Now, the motors are several months old and though they sound fine, they just might be expired - hence my question about current draw. - the older the motor, the more current it draws - so that might be the issue.

Also, I don’t know if could be batteries, though I have 12 brand new lipos and they’re all about the same. When I hold up the quad and give it 100% throttle, it just doesn’t seem like it’s pulling enough. Within a minute of any flying, it won’t lift off the ground at full throttle…

When I get a chance, I’ll replace the motors and do away with the connectors altogether - solder them directly.



direct solder is certainly the way to go! :smiley: on my future brushed builds ill be going direct solder…