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The Micro Motor Carnage Thread



Not yet, they’re next though. Lighter and more durable? That’s a win/win if I ever heard one!


Tonight, popped one motor can and hit hard enough to knock the lens out of a vm275t - guess they aren’t glued that solid after all. Pretty well protected under a thick canopy, but a heck of a hit. Full speed into a roll that never stopped cause my scisky antenna touched the carbon frame. Lens and motor replaced with spares, heat shrink covering antenna wire now… back in the air.

Can’t believe I finally got the lens out of a vm275t - just never considered the ground as the right tool for that job. Haha


Here it is after the repair of the lens… major road rash on my hair due

And a new new haircut for revision 2… A little off the sides


The mullet looks to make a very nice deformable structure. Quads with crumple zones! You could call it the Volvo Mullet!

Maybe a “cave man” edition with a brow ridge that overhangs the camera lens to keep it off the ground/posts/gate.

I like the slimline edition, that looks very cool!


I have no doubt that the Mohawk saved my camera from further damage. I am somewhat concerned about the durability of that design in .015in plastic when it becomes a whoop canopy eventually. That one will need some crash testing… And will probably be right back here


Really? Only the lens came off, not the whole housing?
How was it damaged? Broken threads, dirty ir filter, scratched lens?
I’m impressed.


Smashed the outer most ring out of round. Lens loose at that point and was crooked in the threads. Fortunately unscrewed without stripping them too bad and could be replaced. When the cam was instantly out of focus … I knew it was serious. Lol


RIP Tiny 7 Dawg.
My beloved @KewlbasaDawg 7mm polycarbe frame died today.


Oh no! My condolences!


I’m sad and it it’s a shame that @KewlbasaDawg isn’t around here anymore. No chance to get another one of those :sob::cry::cold_sweat::sleepy:.

But that’s the game. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Trace, 2d model, and find somebody with a laser cutter?


Polycarbonate doesn’t cur with laser. Trust me I tried. It caught fire and yellowed. Turns out that it absorbs UV rays, which I didn’t know. Acrylic can be cut though. You can use a CNC router, but that might melt and do weird things to the plastic. I’d ask Dave Woods. Waterjet, heck yeah. I’ve got a makerspaxe in my neighborhood and am thinking of cutting some frames there out of PC.


Looks like IR laser can do it, but you want assist gas to prevent combustion and the edges do yellow.
Irrelevant in my case as I don’t have a laser cutter to begin with.
The people I was reading about were using 1500w and 1800w lasers though, which is pretty intense!

Have been thinking about desktop CNC though…


Those are some pretty powerful lasers! Any ideas on what CNC router you want?


Not really, something I can actually afford that has at least a few inches of Z.

Anything is going to be disappointing really, previous job was working on full size Motion Master 5 axis CNC routers.
This hobby stuff is… different, lol.

I’ll probably end up building my own or buying a mostly-complete kit type thing. That’s what I did with my 3D printer and I’m happy with the process, I know exactly how it’s put together so I can upgrade/fix/etc. easily.


That’s a damn shame. Not too many of those around.


Used some acetone and e6000 glue.
Think this will not last forever but at least I will have some more flights before I let him go forever.

Put 1 pack through it without crash already.



Two more brushed motors down, ejected a battery that I can’t find in mid air, somehow found all the props while looking for the battery. Sometimes a craft that is tuned so well it makes you feel like you can do anything … doesn’t ACTUALLY mean you can do everything! Lol


Please tell me you have DVR footage of this.