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The Micro Motor Carnage Thread


I don’t have pictures as I cleaned it off pretty quickly. I was flying the Nifty around the garage when an rx brownout sent her drifting over towards the corner by the garage door where I moved everything. Of course the failsafe kicks in just in time to drop her into a metal drum with a pool of kerosene at the bottom (The top of it was cut off for some reason) and she was totally soaked. Luckily we have some fast dry electrical cleaner so I immediately sprayed her down and waited 30 mins before testing. No fires and she’s flyin fine :smile: Lesson learned: Check your flying environment for puddles/pools of liquids, whatever they may be, and cover/avoid when possible.


this literally could have happened to me yesterday!!! lol was going to go to the fishing docks to test flight my new tune on a new set of motors, but I decided it was too windy and probably safer to go to the park and fly over land… somehow BOTH right side props popped off within 10 seconds of flight… Good thing i was at the park flying over land… I figured - hey since I have new props and motors on, it should be RTG! :slight_smile: nope… loli think I may have a new rule- fly at least 5 or more rigorous flights over land without crashing at all before I try fly over water… this way i can ensure the props are thoroughly mounted prior to taking any chances.


Minor issues.


Oy! That’ll buff right out, @Bobnova. :wink:


Sure did!


Wow! That was a quick turnaround! :smiley:


When everything is hot glued and this open, it doesn’t really take much to change frames!


Hot glue FTW! :smiley:

Build, fly, crash… repeat! :sunglasses:


Finally feeling almost normal, and working from home today, so on the “lunch break” I broke out my Picnic Quads Efficiency 100mm with @NotFastEnuf’s awesome custom canopy. With it…NO FEAR! NO GAP TOO SMALL! But apparently a metal horse corral fence pole decided to not play nice.

Good news though…just a small scratch on the canopy. :wink: TOUGH.


Brutal! Time to get another one - that thing survived ALOT! Well done.


Ouch, no mistake on that one, it’s had it.
Metal posts are an issue!

Edit: for the month of March literally half the destroyed/lost quads posted here are mine. 2/5ths if you include @JointDexter’s kerosene bath.

I’m not sure how I feel about this.


There are certain times when I bring out my gear and I’m in the zone. There are other times where my brain and hands aren’t on the same page and I should learn to walk away before something happens… The other night was one of those nights… RIP Tarot TL130…


Ouch! That hurts.


For the record, I “like” broken quad pictures out of respect for the quads who have been broken.

@bubbak , sorry for your loss. You going for a new frame/rebuild or a recycle now? :slight_smile:


Thanks… I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this one. I gave it another chance and spent some time tuning it and getting it to fly fairly well. Luckily I have a spare frame for this, so I’m going to swap in the new frame.


Second bloody battery.

Goodbye strut.


weight reduction! :slight_smile:


@bubbak, @Bobnova: I always have such mixed feelings about crash pics. On one hand, the breakage makes me cringe and sometimes sick to my stomach. OTOH, it’s testimony to people continuing to push limits of the builds and flying skills as well.

Kudos to those that dare to build, fly, crash, repeat… hard! If you’re not crashing, you’re not flying hard enough. (This from a guy who needs to fly to begin with. Baby steps… :pensive: )


Yeah, same here.
In old school racing the feeling was that it you don’t stack a car up from time to time you’re not pushing hard enough.

I don’t think we have that problem around here!

I’m a bit miffed about the whoop, it wasn’t even a hard crash.

Four eachine Aurora 100 props died too, buddy shattered two and bent one, then I bent one later.
Fun quad! Brittle props.

Bottom line: if it was 500 bucks and fifteen hours of build time I’d be very sad indeed. 65 bucks and an hour isn’t so bad. And I do like flying fast. A lot.


Old circle track racing joke…

You’re going into turn 4 - there’s one guy in front of you - what is he?

… brake pads!

Side note - have you ordered furibee or e010s frames yet?