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The Micro Motor Carnage Thread


@JointDexter Your hustlin micros now I see :wink:

Today I realized afunta props are great, but sometimes they are a bit too tight on the shaft and won’t seat properly… my lazy mans solution for loosening a right prop: I took an old siezed up motor and put the tight prop on it as much as I could with my fingers, then holding the motor and bottom cap turned it upside down and smushed the top of the prop onto the shaft using the concrete floor to get the prop to fit that shaft… I then waited a minute for it to “form”, grabbed some pliers to carefully extract it and then the props fit perfectly From there on out.


This is kind of crazy but I swapped in a used F36 motor and she’s flying alright (Keeps loosing trim, but that may be due to the frame having taken some damage, weak points will be fixed with my revision). But the amazing thing is I got a full 5 minutes in the air moving around constantly!!! Not going crazy because I’m just in my room but that’s pretty damn good. That’s without fpv gear but I should still be getting pretty decent flights with it. The first battery I ran after putting the motor in I got 4:30 (May not have been 100% though) and the second battery was 5 minutes. I need to charge them up again to see if it stays that way but it’s a bit late. I may just do it at work tomorrow. Funny thing is I was just talking shit about these batteries in another thread but they may actually be pretty good!

Edit 1:And the pack that ran 5 minutes is at 3.7v roughly (Not at work so I’m using my old analog mulit at home)

Edit 2: Had another pack charged. 4:50 and the motors are all just warm :smile:


Thats great flight time from a nifty little 50! :slight_smile:


I take a toothpick and gently insert it on the really tight ones, but love how tight they are, honestly…Haven’t lost a prop in a loooong time with the Afuntas!


Honestly, thank you for recommending them :slight_smile: amazing props. Never fly off, they are really tough but bend back in place easily if you crash… They have motor bell protection. IMO best 55mm prop so far in my books…

That motor that I revived - I think it literally just had its last flight ever. lol I was flying and out of no where the quad started acting wonky. I was on 100 throttle and it was barely hovering… So after a minute of hovering at full throttle I landed to see what the problem was… sure enough it was the motor that was clicking while working fine. lol i touched that motor and it burned the hell out of my finger lol the other motors were also really warm…

Took of the battery and noticed it was slightly puffy :blush:

Can’t wait to go home and crack that motor to see what happened…


Lighter hearted than previous posts, I got my print-a-whoop stuck last night…


Nice landing man! :joy:

I will add a note to the motor discussion here. Spent motors are good for a few things, reaming that tight freaking hub on the clear Hubsan props and if you pull the can off the motor and just use the shaft and windings you can twist the shaft when it is inserted into the hub. The plugs are great for tapping power to do FPV too. Last thing I would say is do not use 65mm props for the high KV motors, they have too much resistance and will make the motors heat up. A warm motor is usual after hard flying but if it is uncomfortable to touch after a flight something is wrong.


First flight! Clean snap on the concrete. Where are those tiny drill bits for remounting? Someone here had a post using metal rods for extra strength.


bummmmmer! Was it a scrape hit or a straight down hit? I’m trying the CF stiffener and welded my struts with E6000 this frame and it’s working good so far.


I think i remember someone using straight pins?


I have used a pin, heating it up and pushing it through the outside hoop into the strut. I didn’t have to do it with all 3 that are broken. You may want to try some of the UV glue or something to hold it in place, then try to use the pin. I have also heated up a metal pick and used that to melt the plastic back together.


Ouf, that’s a rough first flight!
I haven’t managed to break all three at once yet.


I’ve got info on repairing with pins and heatshrink. I’ll try and find it.


Thanks for the ideas. It was around 25F outside while flying which may explain the clean break. Will attempt to repair with dress pins and Harbor Freight at least has the micro drill bits needed. Have an E010 frame w/ Beecore FC here to use once time is put aside to set the FC proper to crash that too!


Well, decided to do some flying in the yard with the kingkong 100. First flight I forgot I was testing range with 30mA on the tx and it got failsafe over the garage. Out came the ladder again.
Fine other than that, though.

Flight two, 150mA now, zooming around having a grand old time, go a touch too far over the side fence and who do I find again? My old friend Mr Failsafe. Down it went, into the neighbor’s yard, from maybe 40 feet up.
Finally found the neighbor’s phone number and gave them a call, they tossed it back up/over the fence to be AND gave my an 18pack of fresh eggs (they’re awesome neighbors).




Why not to fly over water:

I think either a prop fell off, or the balancer plug came loose and hit a prop…

Show us your builds!

gone forever? did it hit water? :frowning: Sorry to see this lol I dont blame you for wanting to fly that spot… at least you got DVR footage… you even had a crane to mess around with there too lol


BR1103 with press fit props? That would be a bit “asking for it” ;).
How do know you have a really bad situation after a crash? FPV gone. Happens if you crash into water or the battery ejected (could also be other things, but that’s kind of rare). Both situations can really suck. AMHIK.

Pretty nice spot. Do you use telemetry info / RSSI? A failsafe there and you are pretty much done. What TX/RX are you using?


Ahh now that’s an issue.
I was expecting signal loss due to the bridge getting in the way, but that looked more like losing a prop, based on my experiences losing props. My failsafe adventures haven’t gone into spins like that, they usually nose up or down dramatically and the go end over end fairly slowly.
My prop losses (and my dads this weekend, which killed 3 of 4 motors…) do the instant death spiral like that.

Now those are all brushed builds, but yeah.

In any event, that sucks. Thanks for making a video out of it though! Cool scenery up until the water part… Have you gone swimming to try to find it? Might be something usable left. Assuming the water is swimable of course.


@quadlifepro yep forever… well, finders keepers :wink: it’s somewhere on the bottom of the river.

@las Well as you know, the BR1103 have no screws to attach props. I finished my replacement build a couple of days ago, using cut-down 3025’s, and put on a layer of uv resin in the holes to have them fit very strongly. Flies great so far, didn’t come off. Of course I also have now a loom band on every 2S battery to hold down the balance plug.
I don’t have any telemetry, I’m using a DX7s, and I’m pretty sure I could even fly behind the bridge (but that would be asking for it). I’ve flown at the same location with the QX90 several times, and a couple of years ago with the excellent UMX Carbon Cub, same Tx, no issues (LOS):

@Bobnova I’m pretty sure I lost one of the rear props, thank you for your confirmation. I’ve never yet have had a failsave with my FPV micro-quads, the video always goes first.
This happened in the first week in January, too cold to go swimming. And it looks like it fell pretty much behind one of the big pillars, and though I happen to swim there in the summer, I wouldn’t dare swimming behind one of those pillars. And it would be very difficult to dive down to the ground and find the right spot - it’s a river, impossible to go against the current.