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The Micro Motor Carnage Thread


That’s exactly what I was thinking, that’s extremely childish. I would never tolerate that sort of behavior in someone I was dating, nor would I expect them to tolerate it coming from me (not that it would). It shows a grievous lack of respect for you, your interests and your belongings. I don’t mean to be an ass here, but from my own personal experience, respect cannot be negotiated. Either someone has respect for you or they don’t and that showed a serious lack of respect.


This is my first tries at this:

Not that bad! I might implement the slow motion in my next video somehow :smiley:
Thanks for inspiration guys


Awesome! Like I was saying even if you had 60FPS that would still probably be a blur you’re flying so fast! It is more visible at a slower speed for sure. In the original it is just a flash of blue light! haha


Thanks a lot @madman1412 :smiley: Glad you liked the video and thanks you guys for all the feedback


:grinning: well that’s what I am here for, learn and laugh.


Had a great day flying 3 of my fleet, and decided to start doing more flips in a row with the QCarbon and everything was going fine… Until a huge gust of wind came up in mid flip and drove my QCarbon 110 into the ground. Luckily, it just ate my props.

Way better than my Blade 200QX that I put a tiny whoop canopy on for some FPV…I have no idea where or when it cracked the front arm almost completely off, but apparently I flew for awhile not knowing it… Yay Gorilla Glue…a 200QX owners best friend.


Nice…two posts in a row!

R.I.P. to my Quattrovolante Q-Carbon 110…
I was flying pretty fast and carving a tight turn by a tree, and SMACK!!! Battery first into the tree. It was right next to me, so I heard this POP! and sizzle. Threw off my goggles and noticed the magic smoke coming from a puffing battery and my left front ESC was on fire!

Got over there and unplugged the battery, and hoped for the best.

After looking more closely at the ESC, I noticed that the battery must’ve thrown some major power down to the ESC and melted the solder, bridging it:

I took off the ESC, hoping everything else was okay, but get no joy when I plug it in to Betaflight. At this point I don’t know what’s salvageable. LemonRX? VTX? It could all be, literally, up in smoke :frowning:


That does not look or sound good. RIP, Q-Carbon 110. :frowning:

My heartfelt condolences. At least you’re already wearing black. :wink:


:0 … Sorry for your loss… that is without a doubt, pure carnage!


which flight controller?


Furious FPV PIKO BLX :frowning:


My carnage isn’t as visible and sadly I had not remembered to turn the DVR on, but the last flight of my first custom build I took off, went up 40 feet, flew over my garage, and up 20odd feet above the garage roof the controls started acting like I was 300’ away behind a wall, less than a second of that and they went to unresponsive, and then fell out of the sky.
Onto the roof, bounced a few times on the still spinning props, and fell off into the yard.

Survey says, lost a prop, bent a motor shaft (on flight four for that set of mmw 0820 15kv, sad about that!), broke the solder at the bottom of the cloverleaf bit of the vtx antenna, and the RX part of the eachine DSM2 FC refuses to bind now.
So much for that, nearly full rebuild time!

Not really sure what happened, far as I can tell there was a catastrophic RX failure mid flight. Battery was fine, camera kept going all the way down (until breaking the antenna and falling behind the garage and blocking the newly weak signal anyway).

These things don’t stay in the air real well when something goes wrong.


That’s some pretty impressive carnage @PJC! Fire and everything!


Well, my not-so-tiny whoop met it’s end. A couple minor breaks previously were repaired (quite solidly) with overheated hot glue.
This though…

This was somewhat less repairable.

Time to print another.


I was really hoping I wouldn’t have something to post in this thread so soon. Killed a Red Edition just now, only about 15 packs through this thing so far so that kinda sucks. It looks like it melted the bearing through the cap of the motor.

I did order a bunch of cheap motors just to try and and bash around as I test and tune this thing. Was only $23 for 20 of the Boldclash 18kV 6mm motors. I’m not that impressed with their 220mah batteries but we’ll see how the motors do. Typing this made me think to check on them and they still haven’t shipped!! WTF? It’s been a week. Crap, I need motors!!!


Ouch, that’s dead alright.


I had that happen to a couple of the newest extra dark edition 0820-18s and wondered if heat had caused the cap to go brittle in the centre. Any sign of the prop pushing the shaft down or does it sit on the can?


I had the furibee F36 props on at the time which don’t have that indent like the syma X12 props but I don’t think it was pushing too much on the shaft as I pressed them down all the way (One finger on the cap the other pushing the prop down) and only left a very small gap at the bottom (Thickness of a sheet of paper gap). It also left a perfect circle so I’m not sure it got brittle, I think it just straight melted. I also check the motor temps after each flight (Upper lip) and they’re usually warm but not hot. I also didn’t expect this motor to be the problem, it’s the LR motor (CCW). The RR (CW) motor was always the one just a slight bit warmer than the rest, but not enough to cause alarm.


Mine looked like they had crumbled rather than melted which I thought was unusual, I posted a couple of pics somewhere here. Mad a perfect circle though.


Maybe you’re right. It could have been smacked outward, by looking at the edges around the circle. I’m gonna throw a used F36 motor in for now since I’m jonesing for a fix…err. flight, haha :laughing: And I have a friend here I want to show it to. I just gave him a F36 and he’s loving it. He’s gonna be hooked to pretty soon, lol.

Edit: Also, smart dealer always gives the first taste away for free :wink: lmao