The Micro Motor Carnage Thread


@Kamsleo69 lol yaz we need time and money actually hahahah


You’re not alone.
Fly like you stole it!


ohh Michaels Frame broken, can’t beat that Chris!


Yeah, was somehow surprised. Always flew over gras and that crash wasn’t that hard. But others before were harder, haha.
Maybe just a bad angle on impact.
Anyway, luckily I had a spare. So I’m up in the air again.
Absolutely love this frame.


Down and dirty… But up and flying :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
CF fibers soaked in CA


A very nice looking crash today after I dodged a wall by probably few ceniltimeters :smiley: Lot of luck though:


Nice flying! foldup frames are nice for indoor crashes. I may have to get one of those.Is that 8.5 or 7mm motors?


There are the CL-0820-18 motors, so 8,5mm :slight_smile:
Yup the folding frame really works nice - instead of breaking it just folds :smiley:


Nice man.
Damn fast.
Like the split screen.


Thanks @chrisdo! Yea I was expermineting with video editing software lately and found out some new options :smiley: Although I wish I had a camera that could record my quad passing by in slow-mo, that would be awesome :smiley: Cheers


Doesn’t the editing software have that option to slow the frames down? I use the crappy movie maker from windows and it can do that.

Nice video and damn you were hauling ass :wink: Things would be broken all over the place if I tried that indoors. My house would suck to try that in anyhow since there is no continual path to fly except in the livingroom. Maybe time for me to add some extra door ways between the rooms :smiley:


I just saw this on reddit last night. Subbed because I was certain it was somebody from here, haha!

Great flying man, I don’t think I’ve had any of these videos have me tense up like that. Few times I was certain you weren’t going to make it but pulled it off. :+1:


Thanks @madman1412 and @JointDexter !
I will try slowing the video today, but what I think is that my phone doesn’t record fast enough, so the footage will be low framerate :frowning: And the slow-mo might look like a slide-show - but hopefuly I’m wrong and it turns out nice :smiley: I will let you know here :slight_smile:


Ahhh I see now, it is the camera thing. I have several cams that can do the 60FPS but I have used footage off my goggles too and slowed that down as well so it should work because I doubt the recording from my dominator V2 goggles has a very high frame rate. Hopefully it will work because that quad was a blip on the screen as you were making the passes! :smiley: Love it

Looked up the specs and it is 30fps for the recordings from the dominator V2 DVR. Not sure what frame rate the phone you are using is but a quick search comes back with varying answers on smart phone frame rates. The video look as though it was high def or at least 30fps maybe. Didn’t look choppy to me.


That’s what mine looked like after the wife came in and threw it on the ground and stomped on it… lol - I hope yours was less dramatic.


I am pretty sure yu can highlight a section of the footage (say when flying by the static camera) that you can auto decrease the speed “digitally” sure you wont be doing Nat Geographic filming of a humming bird, but it should work.


This is hilarious :smiley: Thanks for making me laugh man


Surely you mean ex-wife.


I just had a look at the video again and slowed the video to .25 x and it looks like you should be able to slow that down and get a good video still. It is somewhat of a blur though but for sure you should be able to get a decent slow motion shot.


Haha, seriously! That sounds like some anger management classes may be in order. Sorry for the loss though @th3cleaner, if it were me I would also need some anger management classes. That is unacceptable behavior for an adult.