The Micro Motor Carnage Thread


I have reason to believe this design may have been slightly flawed haha, I broke it the same way. But you should see @MasterRC_sTudenT s broken one, he snapped the whole arm off. Hopefully this can be Improved upon with the thicker material.


The design itself was fantastic. The accesory plate was really cool. It just screamed to be mounted underneath with the FC. It flew reeeaaally good. I’d call it a winner.


Yup, that hurts. Did the same thing in a Home Depot parking lot about 2 weeks ago. The frame survived but the brand new dark editions and props were not so lucky. I rarely fly over pavement but was trying to test an FC that I was unsure of.

Doing the flip with the FPV you for sure have to account for that sag of the extra weight. I don’t have too much trouble recovering as long as it is a single flip or roll. I do have my rates about as high as they can go before it starts to mess with gyro when you do acro moves. If your rates are a little low try turning them up a little. Downside of that is the quad will be very twitchy even with slight stick throws. That can be made smoother with the PIDs but I won’t go there as I am a PID dummy :grinning: @Complacent1 is the man when it comes to the Tx and GUI settings.


It was only a matter of time…

Lego Carnage… with video!

… A++ for MMW 3D printed lego motor mount durability.


@rschoi_75 I love the lego motor mounts too. That was a solid hit on that post/pole early in the video…


You should skip to the end of the video too. The middle is just doing laps. The mounts survived both hits.


Ah, yeah I was watching as I replied…Bang! I wouldn’t like to do that with a 250…


Love your video @rschoi_75 great flight time!


A friend came over to fly today, and did this…


Nooooooooooooo!!! I have heard never ever let your friends fly you good quad. I have some extra toys for that :smirk: even yesterday I let my buddy who I go flying with fly my new baby. He was doing very good until he decided he wanted to punch it a little and went full pitch toward and gave it some throttle…

Yup went right into the ground, I even let out a “why would you do that” which was kinda embarrassing but it survived the motor mounts came off but luckily didn’t rip the wires with it Whew!

@JG101 my condolences your experience was not as good as mine, she shall live again!!


Condolences @JG101 I agree I have a handful of toy quads and their transmitters handy for freinds and children. All that work!


Sorry for your loss. Hopefully your friend had so much fun flying it, that he will buy one of his own and fly with you in the future… with his own gear. :smile:


Thanks for the condolences, but I should have been more clear…that is his quad…not mine :wink:

I only broke props today lol.

It is still sad though…But I have super glued some braces(servo lead plug housings lol) on and it flies again…I have it here cause I am his quad mechanic lol.

He ran into the brick wall of my house…


Ahh… that clears things up.

Good job getting it back up and flying! The shear looked pretty clean, so hopefully the CA glue will make the part as good as new. I did the same on my PFG hex when I broke an arm off. It’s still going strong with CA glue and electrical tape wrapped around it.


The thing was actually still flying, I had already wrapped the arm with silicon tape to hold the motor extension leads I put on so he didn’t need to remove top plate during motor swaps, that was holding it, but wobbly. That was the damage we found underneath.


I think this needs a revive.
Just when I was beginning to think this frame was indestructible.
Time for a transplant.

I think there’ll be more posts in here once we start getting our hands on those 0820-18’s :innocent:

Show us your builds!

@las I’ve found that also quite serviceable are 2mm case screws from laptops…ask an I.T. friend! I procured a ton myself from our stack of e-waste laptops last week, some nice silver ones from an old Sony Vaio to boot! All set now! :+1:


Learning acro is a great milestone for me in my micro endeavors. My frames are paying a steep price…but one they are more than willing to pay!


My first flip and roll practice quad.


I’m sure we’re not alone either!
I saw your video of one of your practice sessions too. I’m just a few days away from recorability. (TIME, just not enough of it)