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The Micro Motor Carnage Thread


Between the weather and lack of time, I hadn’t flown for over 3 weeks. I finally got the chance to get out and burn some batteries… I have a few new MyLipo batteries to test… I took a few laps around the house and on one lap my video went out for a bit and when it came back on, I was staring at the fireplace on my house… Full speed into apparently a corner of the fireplace… Wrecked the Runcam Micro Eagle and one motor… Somehow the frame survived the crash… When I was searching for the quad, I looked in my goggles and all I saw was the fireplace, so I figured thats where it was. I eneded up finding it about 20 feet away in the grass. The image somehow stuck in the camera feed…


Wow! That was a hard hit.


Finally got the motors in to get my QX-105 back in the air but the antenna was more damaged than I had thought and when I took a turn around the corner of the garage the video dropped and it hit the garage.

This was an idea I thought would work, using the rings from a set of useless guards to act as a bushing to fit 8.5mm motors in the 10mm mounts of the QX-105 frame. Did great for the first flight, clipped a tree and the motor came loose and twisted like a mad man.


2nd leader 120 lost this time i set up failsafe unlike the 1St one i lost. I put the leader down in tall grass searched but no luck. Then the field caught fire.

1St pic from my driveway
2nd pic a Lil past my driveway where i found the pile of plastic and carbon fiber. Even the frame melted.
Me and full speed kwads not a good mix.
Looking for suggestions, gonna get the wizard x220s for my bday.
Opinions on this kwad? After an investigation it was determined the neighbors sons cigarette started the fire not the kwad


Well, I think you just took the carnage record.

X220s seems to be a decent piece. It’s not spectacular at anything, but the price is nice.


Browsing this thread scares me… :joy:


Awe yeah when i screw up its a Royal screw up.
Can the trophey be made from the floppy remains of my leader 120!


Lost another PLA Boss 7 frame - this time power looping into the grass. I’ve really got to get some less brittle prints of this awesome little frame! (I’ve been printing at the local library to start - for free - but they only do PLA)


That is kick ass! Would be nice that was available here.



I got this BHr on Sunday, got the 3S batteries on Tuesday and did some racing around the yard, ran into trees, branches, the ground, broke props, etc.

Yesterday I decided to try my hand at LOS freestyle and was doing pretty good with punchout rolls. Then I tried a flip and it got away from me, and instead of just disarming I tapped the throttle to correct while not able to see it’s orientation since it was about 30+ feet in the air…

Remarkably nothing more than the arm and a prop was damaged. I ordered a new set of arms (individual, not the 1 piece version it came with.)

The worst of it all? I was recording on my goggles and forgot to stop the recording before unplugging, so I lost all the footage. ARRRGGG!!!


Uhh, oops?

See also: 2.oops?


I tried my first inverted yaw, got disoriented, tried to flip upright and didn’t quite make it. Heard it hit and cringed knowing something had to have broke.

Then I saw this.

I crashed in the soggiest part of our yard and also into one of the many mole tunnels throughout the yard. Remarkably nothing shorted out despite a large amount of packed in mud.

In the process of cleaning it up I broke a few standoffs so I took the stack apart to do a better cleaning and found the cap had broken off likely a week or so ago (OSD was started looking like crap and was only being held in place with the shrink wrap I put on it when I first got it. I had told myself I would move the cap when it broke and took the advice of a number of people…


Been replacing an reinforcing these mounts a few times. Think I need to return to drawing table.

Just some heat formed polystyrene. Easy to make. Probably not the best material choice.

A little bit of carbon tow and glue worked well for repair and significantly stiffened them.
Until now. :slight_smile:


My whoop has seen things over its short 3-week life… :blush: (no it’s not dead, just swapping to new frame so took a shot of this one in its full glory before Welders makes the boo boos go away :slight_smile: )


tiny whoops float seriously, always cover the dogs water bowl or remove from course Lolz.
I was have a morning cruise around the kitchen. Wash out in a corner and wam no video. Oh shit instantly I remembered the water bowl. Ran to it grabbed it up then my son decided it was a great time to go max throttle when i set the tx down. It had to have been hilarious to watch me try and unplig the battery with the whoop twirling around. But i still had video and tx connection. Fingers crossed. A few hours under the solder stations small heater and a day till i plug in again.

Update-electronics still work after 2 days unhooked and 6 hours (2 hours 3 times) in the solder preheat station. Motors feel a Lil slower but may be all in my head. Oh and my vtx switched from f6 to f7.