The Micro Motor Carnage Thread


Yeah I hate that…


So are we gonna get into repairing mosfets on brushless escs? Why not really - we are willing to change brushed mosfets. …


Just need some hot air gear really.
I’ve played the replace-big-MOSFETs-with-an-iron game and while it’s worth it on a $400 video card it’s significantly less worth it on a $17 ESC.


You should treat yourself to a rework station, even the $40 ones work perfectly well for repairs and fc building. If you have one you’ll find yourself repairing even the cheapest of parts when you can. I’ve a couple of quads built almost entirely from repaired salvage parts.


Alright, alright, fine, lol, I’ll get the one burt likes. It looks pretty nice and it’s cheap.


Excellent, so, what fc can we tempt you into building :smiling_imp:


Ummmmm. … isn’t it obvious? The new silverware fc of course!!! Hint hint @Bobnova


Trying my luck learning to flip, full speed upside down, no canopy into tile floor, whoop is fine, fx805 not so much :frowning: what to do while waiting for next pay check to go out and get new camera? Make pigs fly tiny whoops, or minion pilots :smile:


Danm quad magnets, my tiny whoop spent 2 nights on the canopy over some gas pumps until I could get the 20ft ladder out and rescue the whoop yaaaaa boo dead battery but happy that’s all that went


This is what happens when you powerloop sidewalks…


ROFLMAO ‘powerlooping sidewalks’. :rofl:

Kinda ‘courliously exploring the impact of negative altitudes’? :wink:


Treed my first quad today! Quite the fun experience…
Luckily I got it out by just arming and pitching/rolling. Got it out, with nothing more than it being soaking wet! Yay!


Glad you got it back!


Me too! I wasn’t too keen on climbing, especially since it was 8ft of trunk then branches.


Glad you got it back!

A couple days ago, I crashed into the top of a pine tree and watched on my FPV feed as it fell inside the pine tree from the top to the bottom (all the while praying that it didn’t get caught in the branches!) :stuck_out_tongue:


Slight prop strike related ESC issue…


That regulator is now enabled for overdrive! :smiley:


Was able to swap new bits into that ESC and it works great now.

Then there was this, while diving big fir trees…

Thankfully it plowed through, though I had to fly looking through fir needles for a bit.


What battery you used there boss?


Boldclash 3 blade 31mm props are not very durable imho . I only had 8 packs on them
Broke 1 blade clean off, bent another 1 but snapped it when i bent it back into place.
Gonna try another brand soon…