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The Micro Motor Carnage Thread


Impressive @bobnova! It must be because those E011 frames are like gum :laughing:


After doing some awesome proximity, I got cocky and this is what happened. Only 15 flights. :frowning:

Luckily my 3D printed parts took the brunt and broke instead of the frame. Props bent and nylon screws all broke on the cam mount…


Skip about halfway for the crash! I just couldn’t remember which way was up. :tired_face:


I clipped a pole, and noticed my fpv feed was being weird. A little bit later, it went out completely! Now I know why…

Now I have an excuse to get another shipment of parts!


Hopefully you were able to land blind lol


Ha, I’ve done that to a few of mine. They haven’t stayed in the air though, that’s a good trick!

If that’s a VM275 you still have enough pad to solder an antenna to, just put a U in the coax and solder it facing down then bending up.


Impaled my micro on a branch!

Surprisingly it came out with no damage!


Yeah, I have enough. I’m fresh out of replacement antennas, but I have some coax that I’ll try to use to fix my problem!
@Imozeb, I did land blind, if you call disarming before falling out of the sky landing. :grin:


Upon further review, I noticed that the pad itself was smashed, and broke off as soon as I touched it. Too bad, it was a good camera. Rip eachine aio camera


Oooo make yourself a coax dipole. Crazy light!
Strip ~13mm of the outer sheath off, tease the coax shield apart a little bit so you can get the center wire out of it at the base.
Twist the 13mm of shielding together and to the right, run the 13mm of center wire to the left.
Heatshrink and hot glue for armor and you have a lovely antenna!
Trim to match frequency once you’re done.


Thanks for the info. Results—

It works great! And more hot glue with heat shrink for durability! No more ripped off antennas :crossed_fingers:


This is not impressive, its funny.

Crash under a couch, its got webs under it, whoop ends up in a ball of them, pull the couch out, steel leg touches the on side whoop and webs and…

It still works lol…Cooked some caps, the frame was on fire, the aio was red hot(still works)

I think I really should replace the destroyed caps though haha. Maybe that prop and the frame too lol.


Tiny whoop meets concrete in the cold night, little welder glue, and a piece of the mylipo.de sticker I just got and she’s whooping like new, lol almost. gonna fly her till the motors fly off :smile:


3 batteries, two broken quads.
The 210’s FC seems to have cooked itself when I plugged it in, too.
The E011 FCs won’t bind to my Devo today.

Ahh well.


After getting too close and blown by a rogue wind, my absolute favorite 816 build with a brand new Turnigy 750mah battery has spent the last 3 days on a tuft of branches on top a 70+ft Cypress…I’ve tried throwing rocks at it (no arm) - bought a slingshot (no aim) - fishing line with a stone at the end (no control) - nothing works…sniff sniff. Unlike the 30ft pines that have plenty of branches, these cypress trees have no branches for 40ft so there’s nothing to grab on to.
Oh, these micro dramas - hahaha


Don’t worry bro… as soon as you get an e011 fc flashed - you won’t miss that little micro hanging out in the tree. In fact I bet you’ll throw a few others up there to join it and transition your fleet over to silverware. It’s noticably more power to the motors!


I can’t wait!
BTW - ITMT, is there a wiki of sorts or how-to where I can get familiarized with Silverizing and get it working with the QX7? ATM - I only have BF/DSMX experience.


@chime13 here you go.
Silverware wiki


Also get involved I’m the H8 silverware thread on rcgroups. There is no better source for guidance than the man himself … silverxxx. Just amazing that he not only have us tge software but acts as tech support for it too. He is truely an inspiration to me!


@Chaotix and @NotFastEnuf - Thank you gentlemen!


Bonus update: when the motor wires were ripped out of the spintech build, they shorted and killed the ESC.