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The Micro Motor Carnage Thread


Nice :slight_smile: - It should be just fine as long there’s enough of the layers intact.


I usually try to coat my frame with a few layers of clear nail polish (around the sides and edges) to prevent delamination in case a rough crash tries to split the carbon layers like that. Although no amount of clear nail polish could have prevented your situation from happening, it may make it so it’s easier to repair next time… hopefully eferyrhing turns out okay. :slight_smile: I have confidence in you that it will be fixed accordingly and back in the air soon :slight_smile:

That is some carnage lol


This happened a while ago, never got a chance to post it tho. Frame is fixed and replaced with 3mm minimalist bottom plate.


I’m fairly confident in the repair… Here is a pic of my Crusade GT2 150 that I have since repaired. This wasn’t as bad as the RIP, but this also has a tad more mass and power…

@quadlifepro - Damn… thats some definite carnage…


Well, I got home tonight and took a look at the rip after being epoxied and clamped tight for 24hrs… Not bad - I think it bonded well, but I didn’t have the arm perfectly square with base, so there is a slight hook to it. I put the motor back on and took it for a ride tonight… Put 2 batteries through it… first flight was a cruise, 2nd flight was a ride… No problem cruising around, flew straight, no real vibrations… 2nd flight, I pushed it and flew it hard… right into a fence and tree trunk… Didn’t break. Had another drop or 2 into the lawn and came out fine. Think it will hold up to a bit of punishment… :smile:


Fly hard or go home. :smiley:

Ultra lightweight 2S basher quad probably needs a new frame.


Ouch :see_no_evil:.
Hit concrete?
What props are those?


GF 2035 with half the blades cut off (if you cut the really broken ones… you can use them even longer).
No concrete. Dead stopped into a treetop - started spinning, disarmed, unfortunate landing.
Guessing from the continuity measurements on the motors everything but the frame should be fine.


Back again in working condition. First baseplate that is already glued in there. Colorful!


Good to see it operational again right away!


Oh, snap.

It conveniently broke cleanly into a bazillion pieces…


Ups! At least it seems that you can change only that arm… It must be a hard crash (seems to be a powerful machine)


Noooo! Everything other than the frame survive?


Yup, easy transplant. I’m soaking the frame in nail polish remover to try and remove the CA glue. Slower process than I like, I’m only hopeful at this point.


Ah, bummer, @burtlo! :anguished:

Bound to happen sooner or later with skinny arms. Still painful when it happens. :frowning:

This was such a nice lightweight 5" build. Hope you ordered some spare arms along with the frame. If not, maybe consider transforming it into an Tubular Ultralight Quad. :wink:


Landed a little hard. Not a ton of vertical impact speed, but probably 40-50mph horizontal speed.
One of those ones where your video goes dead and you hear the thud, then crunchy sounds and “telemetry lost” promptly after.

Overall it’s intact though! Needs a new xt60, new vtx antenna, and some repair work on the landing legs.
The top plate I designed and printed was undamaged! Very pleased about that.

I think the crunching was one of the props eating the antenna.
Broke an ESC hold down zip tie somehow too.


Ok genuine micro motor carnage this time.

Goodbye, mmw crazy fast 0716 set. Sad day.


What the f… :flushed:.
Never snapped a shaft myself.
With those flexi e011 frames I break a lot of props.
Well done sir :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


@chrisdo I have snapped many shafts on 8.5’s, and bent lots more…BUT @Bobnova how did you do that in the duct, and the duct is still intact? Its like magic, dark dark magic…


It just flamed out!
Ok so it was a forward flip over a garage rafter that over rotated a bit and the powered down into my mountain bike… I think it must have hit prop hub first on something.