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The Micro Motor Carnage Thread


I hear the pop sometimes, not always, but it’s there.


And here I am again … This is what happens when a ground solder breaks loose and scrapes through into a positive trace. A mosfet may/may not have also burnt … not sure. The motor spun up but I don’t see the death spot on it. Sadly, this looks fixable so I won’t be getting that excuse I needed to upgrade and redesign the build. Happily, it flies very well so there’s that…


It’s just trying to help you get in the mood for summer BBQ time.


I gotta start pulling out a hotter iron for anything thicker than 22ga. The cheap harbor freight irons are good for anything smaller but this is the second time that joint has broken. That’s 3 failed solder joints for me in like 2 weeks… maybe I need to stop making repairs at 3am. (But then when … my kids own me close to around the clock. Lol :smile:).


Yeah might be time to throw 70 bucks on the table for a digital temp adjustable 60w jobby.
So much nicer.

Teach the kids how to solder, it’ll be fine!


Back in the air … but out of clockwise props. And the last one I’m using now is causing a fair amount of vibration pissing off the pid controller. Gotta love the new trend of reduced filtering …

It’s really really hard to kill a scisky beyond repair.


Brushed copter temporarily down again, misjudged a gap at speed and hit a small tree perfectly square. The shock was hard enough to knock the lens housing off the vm275t from inside the canopy. Epoxy applied last night should be cured now … hope to find the time to reassemble today. Smart100 survives another brutal impact! It just occurred to me to check the trunk of the tree for damage … I bet it left a mark. Hahaha



24 days since the last carnage? That seems unlikely.

Motor still works great, which is nice.


0716 insane MMW motors


Ouch that hurts!


Yeah. When you fly hard, you crash hard… Well, now i have 3 spares for the next set (that is already coming home). Or maybe a tricopter…? :rofl:


Ahh yeah, that does hurt!
I’m hoping mine last a while. We’ll see though, I like flying fast!


Trying the ladybird props and getting the hang of it, sort of… Well, what was hung by the wires was the motor… It survived :smile: More frames are on the way


Had a wonderful upside down traveling fast backwards trick going, but ran out of room at hit the pine tree in my backyard. Quad came down out of it which is nice, and ESC beeps led me to it, which was also nice. There are some wiring issues now though.

Pulled the +5v wire for the AIO off the FC, pulled the +5v wire for the RX off the FC, and snapped the wire to the top part of the cloverleaf (but the bottom is intact) as well. That last one is a new one on me.


Pretty sure that last one caught the top of the back fence on its way down.
Since then I’ve done the same damn thing to the antenna on my 1103 3" build, got the flea stuck in the tree I hit in my last post, then crashed it into the hanger and killed a prop.
Sidenote: the current 1935 5 blade props are much better plastic than the 3 blade or the early five blade that explode if you look at them wrong.

Then I had a minor issue involving the corner of my house.

Video is in the YouTube thread.


That looks like it hurt! Somehow, bent metal always seems more jarring to me than cracked carbon fiber. Either way, time to rebuild!


Yeah… Plowed into the corner of the house and for the brief moment between that and hitting the ground I could see that prop stop turning, never a good sign!


Not having good luck this week… I was flying my Crusader 150 and a prop nut came off, hit the ground and broke its arm. I epoxied it and clamped it tight. Looks good right now and made an easy flight today. I’m afraid to push it. A day later, somehow blew up the FC on my Crusader 200 in a crash… No frame damage, but must have hit so hard it knocked its brains out. I took my Rip 120 out tonight and started loosing it near some trees, so I cut the throttle and dropped it on the ground… I was shocked when I saw this… Wasn’t that hard of a hit, must have been the last straw…


“Just needs a little epoxy” :smiley:

Honestly, if the electronics are still all fine and you don’t have any spare bottom plates/frames I would give straightening and reinforcing the arm with some epoxy (+clamping it together, optionally wrap some kapton tape around the thing to keep the clamps clean). Wont be as strong as on the first day but might work as a last resort. :wink:


@las… I epoxied it last night and its been clamped tight. I’m hoping it holds up, atleast until I get another frame. I really like this one. I glued up my 150 as well, and it seems to fly fine. I know once the CF gets compromised its never the same. My hope is the epoxy was able to work its way into the layers and then being clamped really tight would hopefully give it some good strength. I did fly the 150 a few times and it seems to feel ok, but I haven’t tested its durability yet. Once I have a backup plan, then I’ll start pushing it a bit more.