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The Micro Motor Carnage Thread


That’s a rough day. Hopefully it’ll come down on its own.

I plowed into the eves of my house with the brushless, minor prop bendage that was easily fixed.
It also ate one of the two RX antennae, but didn’t actually kill it surprisingly enough. Didn’t hit the ground too hard even, I gave it full power to try to get the prop turning again and it worked free just in time to slow itself down before it augured in.


Adding to the list - every CCW 2s brushed motor from 2 sets. 2s brushed is over for me now. Apparently even the 2s rated motors dont like my personal style of constant full throttle abuse. I will say that I did get silverware all tweaked in to my liking and tuned before the project died. Just as the E011 did indoors - silverware took my outdoor flying to a whole other level. I did things in my flying space that I had never dreamed of trying. I’m gonna start planning a silverware build for 8.5mm 1s.


Sounds like we need silverware for F3/F4 FCs.


Second pack today. First one was pure joy.
Second one didn’t go that well. Hit a tree with full speed.
Q-Carbon85 down :see_no_evil::weary:.


Even the magic props of damage resistance couldn’t save it :sleepy:


Spotted my 8.5 in the tree today. Planning to patch together a 5" quad for a kamikaze run. It’s out of throwing distance. Better wait for an adult spotter … my 2 year old is awesome - but so far attempts to get on the same page with the plan are falling a little short. He just can’t spot it over 50 ft up. If he could - I’d have no doubt he would otherwise track it as it falls from a safe spot under the protective overhang of the shed. Lol. I’m a pretty lucky dad.


I was going to try to start with a port to f1 at least. Also latest development is pid tuning with transmitter stick commands. Freaking sweet. Now it’s time to go shopping in a tree for a frame and camera!


Excellent news! Slingshot+fishing weight+fishing line?


If you can get it onto F3 and configured for the spF3evo layout, beecore FCs will suddenly be awesome!

No pressure, but I want this for my beecore. Bad.

Mostly so I can use sbus and long range tx.


Yeah, for some reason my 5" no longer works. My son has been carrying it around for months. It’s on an old version of clean flight, I installed an old gui in developer mode but it just locks up … grrrrr. I didn’t want to work on a 5" it’s on an old pwm receiver - was unplugged - and i can’t check the channels in gui. It doesn’t seem to pick up any of them now.

I was all set for kamikaze too :frowning:


fishing pole and some weights! shake that sucker out of the tree!


Yeah, got no choice but that now. My 5" is only reading pwm input on one channel. Swapped wires around, swapped receivers - I only get aux 2. Gotta be a problem with the fc. Not worth putting a satellite in it. That sure would have been fun.


Success! The fishing pole worked. Had to use a saltwater shore fishing pole to get the distance. But here it is. Only took 4 or 5 casts. Funny how easy gear comes out of a tree when you want it to get snagged and grab vs actual fishing when the trees NEVER turn you loose.

Happy it’s back … sad I didn’t get to kamikaze (I was really excited about that.)


What lure did you use - Rapala? :slight_smile: Glad you got it back! Happy Flying!


Sad day.


A little while ago:

going to rebuild it this week :slight_smile:


Rough time for micro brushless I guess. Bummer.

All the parts live?


Frame, one ESC, and the FC all broke :frowning:


Agh! That’s rough.


Win some, lose some :wink: