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The Micro Motor Carnage Thread


I’m interested in those canopies too. 2 smart100 frames arrived here last week.


Fantastic frame that thing is. Two palm trees, one lamp post, asphalt at least 6 times, 3 broken props, and one tanked motor yesterday. Frame is fine! And now I know how much inverted hang time I DON’T have!!


Well I may has well have don’t the same thing yesterday… ripped the pads off the post. Lol, I’ve said it before … really great picture and range - really crappy camera. :slight_smile: Time to get creative!


Lol. It’s a trend now!
I’m going to do my upside-down dipole routine I think. Haven’t had a chance to work on it at all yet, frustrating. Now it’s heavily misting (yes that’s a thing, remarkably wet too) and quite windy, so it’s unlikely that I’ll be flying tonight either. Time to resurrect a whoop! E011 time I think!


I’ll be uploading a file tonight that has extended telemetry range.




If that’s carnage, I’d say you had a good day🙂


Me too! I was sure I’d be changing frames.


I always cringe when I see you show up on this thread @Bobnova … then I eagerly slow down as I pass by just like a car accident or train wreck.


Lol, I got off light this time. Nothing burnt, nothing snapped, no smoke. I was shocked, I swear I heard the roof flex when it hit.
Didn’t have a chance to pull the video, should be able to tonight.


full speed into a tree trunk😣 two props and a little hot glue for the cam and she’s good😎


That had to sting a bit.

Video from my roof incident below. Turns out I killed a motor, bent the bell in to where it touches one magnet to one stater arm. This resulted in the motor locking up as it warmed up on a particularly balls out flight, which in turn resulted in a sudden loss of altitude, two more bent props, and a hasty trip out into the road to retrieve it before it got run over.
Glad I got a 20pack.

TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN! I forgot to strip the audio out.

This one was a solder joint failure on one phase of the right front motor, you can see if stop turning just after the quad yaws hard right.


Looked and sounded worse than it was lol was racing 5" quads into the first gate next to a tree and bam lol looks you faired much worse


The sound it makes is a bit sickening sometimes. I haven’t hit a tree yet, but there’s a light pole I had an issue with some time ago…

Thankfully these are the 20 motors for 40 bucks motors, so I’m not out too much. Won’t be flying right after work though, still need to wire the motor in.


Both kids fell asleep at the same time today… only lasted 10 minutes but that’s enough to squeeze 2 packs in! Only cost me one bent 8.5 shaft and a prop. Inverted hang time is fun but all good fun must come to an end.

Always thought the Mohawk was for style … turns out it’s a functional crumple zone!


Taking another cracked at 2s brushed tomorrow. Revived my dm007 build and trimmed about 10 grams off - it’s still fat though as I only have a 450 bat. I have 2 sets of 2s motors. If it survives tuning, that should last me about a week or so. Thought it was relevant to post it here as it will soon be a carnage picture. Should be fun for a week or 2 while I wait out shipping on the new babyhawk and finish my other 2 brushless builds.


Well maiden didn’t go terrible. Build is at 41 grams and this frame will only take 55mm props. So it’s gonna need a light 2s, and is in need of a good tune. Overall, even with a 30g battery, and an average tune - the incredibly crisp and precise feel of silverware in comparison to betaflight is still shining through. May be time to download the latest version of open micro silverware, go through the code for my preferred changes, tune it, clean up some wiring, and put it in prime ripper form to go destroy it. It may even be worth a proper durable frame.

Here is my carnage picture … cause this thing is about to destroy some free time, effort, and energy. Lol


MicroQuad Vs. Fence
My favorite flyer at 34grams (<49gm AUW), this Usmile 110mm is a dream to fly, though a bit fragile. This is my second frame (1 left) and I typically will have to beef-up the arms with popsicle sticks and crazy glue. Should be back up in the air by this weekend…


Rip my beloved 8.5mm scisky build with Mohawk canopy. It’s up there somewhere. I can’t figure out where. Even tried a telescope.


Also burnt one 2s brushed motor and unrelated cracked my phone screen.

Today’s carnage itemized:
1 2s 8.5mm motor
1 scisky with laz bypass & 5v step up
1 kingkong smart100 frame
4 fresh 8.5mm just soldered in last night
1 vm275t with dipole
1 Mohawk canopy
4 props
1 jst battery lead
1 mylipo 480 (heartbreaker)
1 phone screen.