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The Micro Motor Carnage Thread


I figured we should have a Micro Motor Carnage thread to show off our less than successful flights. :smile:

Sorry MMW Carbon Micro-Hex. You lived fast and died young.
Killed by a concrete wall. :skull: :skull: :skull:

Let's see the wreckage

Concrete - sounds familar! :smiley:
Wouldn’t this fit better to the “crash clinic” category? Not exactly eye candy :wink:
By the way: nylon screws suck - switched to aluminium M2 screws for those motor mounts. Expensive but IMHO a good compromise.


My old picnic FPV racer met a tree when I flew too far and my feed dropped.

Was one of my favorite micros. So I eventually built its more advanced reincarnation. This baby is a blast.

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Oh man… missed opportunity. Is there anyway to change the categories after the fact?
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Took care of it for ya!


I’d put my SOSx Micro-X v3 here that was supposed to be a gift for X-Mas, but was able to fix the frame with CA glue. A few weeks back, one of the arms broke before I even got to test it out. I then got a replacement from SOSx and then decided to buy a MMW Micro-H for the gift instead. I kept the Micro-X v3 for acro flying since I’m waiting on FPV gear. Yesterday while I was flying I broke an arm on the replaced part while trying to do flips. Suffice to say, I’d say buyer beware with the SOSx stuff. The designs look great, but the durability is a little lacking. I’d expect a frame to sustain a beating on grass, not against a tree. I guess my expectations are changing…


Bad weather & bad luck once again:
“Let’s try indoors!” - not used to the 150° FOV. Maximum motor protection with parrot props.
Hit the roof. Two props flew off, followed by a massive impact on the ground. motersCCW–; motorsCW–;

Note that these aluminium screws are awesome. AUW with a lot of stuff (OSD etc.) and 600 mAh mylipo ~71g.

EDIT: The moment you notice that you have two spare sets of motors instead of only one… Priceless! :wink:


Oh shit.
Did you use epoxy to secure the motor caps, or nothing?


I think that’s not really necessary with parrot props, as long they don’t fly away and I think that would not have helped, quite loud crash.

Not my day:

EDIT: Fixed it. Who needs proper colors anyways…


Shredded balsa mounts, very bent USB connector (point of impact), and one motor wire broken off at the motor cap. Managed to get that soldered back on, once.


My first FPV flip… into asphalt.



Get LOTS of altitude when learning FPV flips. It takes a while to cut down the amount of “drop” you get from flips.


Yeah that is the issue I am having. With full FPV gear on a micro do you have enough power for flips? I feel like as soon as i try a flip I fall like a rock and don’t have the power to pull it up. Now with my LOS 20g NQx FC build i can flip all day…


I agree, but that day altitude was my problem. I was so concerned about over rotating I let off the stick early and had a good 30 feet to build up speed in a nose dive into the parking lot. Grass fields next time…


Yeah you can do flips with micro FPV. Here are tips:

  1. Must be in Horizon or Acro mode. No flips in Angle.
  2. You must have your rates setup properly. Too low, no flip and youll head straight to the ground. Too high, overspin and hard to recover.
  3. Learn proper stick techniques for flips through trial and error. Practicing LOS flips helps you understand what the quad is capable of before you go FPV.
  4. Proper throttle control is key.


Thanks for the reply, I just will need to keep at it I guess, practice is what makes perfect!


I’ve started flirting with acro, namely indoor acro flips. Here are some of the results:

Frame is still intact, must fly harder.


RIP My SOSx Micro X V3… she was a beauty…

This frame doesn’t hold up well to abuse. It’s sad but true. I had to CA glue a bunch of stuff constantly – namely the back arms. It finally broke in a way that is not repairable. I’m sorry to see you go. Got a PFG 110 v2 to replace it. Hopefully, that one lasts longer.


The mighty have fallen. @madman1412 frame has been downed. @KewlbasaDawg is there a prize for the completed task? :smile: