The future of this forum

Im really sorry to say that, but I am considering to close this forum.
The AUD178 per month on hosting fees are getting more difficult to justify when Im looking at the dwindling user numbers here, at the declining revenue of the MMW web shop, and at the personal challenges ahead.

I know we have a dedicated group of enthusiasts here who are using this awesome forum to great benefit, and this is certainly not an easy decision for me. I would love to spend a lot of my time here on this forum and on other social media to create content and interaction that promotes user numbers of the forum and revenue of the shop to spread the micro motor spirit, but priorities in my life have changed.
Im very sorry for my lack of contribution here over the last 1-2 years.

My wife has become very sick over the last years, and it has not gotten to the stage where I will have to take over her duties as the accountant in our business and as parent for our kids. I dont know for how long.
I have decided to prepare for this time with the leanFIRE method (financial independence and early retirement through stoic, frugal and minimalistic trajectory) and use my assets and skills very deliberately and efficiently to maintain the b2c part of MMW and all related services with 10h/week of work that I can do while my youngest boy is at school, so that I can be a full-time dad while having enough time to study functional medicine to make a significant contribution to my partner living a long and healthy life.

I have not finally decided what to do with this forum, but I will in the next month or two.
So Im opening this post for discussion.
You may post your contact details (or request PM if you prefer privacy) for other users here to keep in touch if/when this forum closes.
You may post suggestions to cover the hosting costs.
You may post alternatives where this forum could move (hosting and software wise).
All other suggestion to deal with this situation are most welcome.

My gratitude and respect goes out to all members here who have contributed over the years. I consider all of you my soulmates, united by the passion, resilience and perspective it requires and yields if you are building micro FPV machines. Thank you.
Also big thanks to for providing the most wicked forum software this internet has seen so far, and for a rock solid hosting platform.


I am very very sorry about health situation - especially because, during last 10 months, I also have really serious health problems in my family (also with my wife - so I know the feeling very well). I hope everything will be OK and if this great place for sharing knowledge need to be shut down so you can commit entirely to your family, so be it - because nothing is more important than family. For me, participating here was not a long journey (I became user not so long ago - but I read posts longer before I become registered user) but it was a great “ride”.

Thank you for great place for RC community! I hope it will continue to work somehow…

And, again, best wishes to your wife from me.


It’s been a long and wild ride and I’m glad to have been part of it. MMC helped pioneer the micro platform and was the main base for information when it was just a niche market of mad science experimentation. I cannot believe how long its been.
My introduction into RC came from this very forum. Everything I know from soldering to lipo chemistry, to HAM radio came from here. I purchased a Blade Nano qx and was looking for ways to make it faster. Low and behold there was a brand spankin new dedicated forum to just that!
I myself was not an active user for the past 2 years as life got in the way of my own flight opportunities, but would always come back to lurk on updates. I am sorry to hear of your life complications and understand that priorities have to be met. MMC has always been an important place for me since joining and it’s closure would very sad for me. I have many memories from here and had recently dusted off my old aliens to jump back into the air.
@Benedikt Thank you so much for creating the MMC the MMW, creating the worlds fastest coreless motors, sharing your knowledge, and coercing me into the (addiction) hobby of my life. I really wish you the best in the times to come.

A few of my favorite threads from memory:


Hey @boomtown long time no see :slight_smile: Take it easy and I will; say more in my reply to The QuadFather

I am very sorry to hear that about your Wife @Benedikt. Thank you for all the knowledge and providing a place where we could all share and learn from each other.

You need to do what is best for your family, and I am sure everyone here would agree with that…


Ben I am truly sorry to here your news of your wife. I hope and pray she fights what ever the issue and beats the crap out of it. All the good vibes my family and I can muster for you and yours brother. I truly hope that your wife isn’t beyond the point of no return. This forum has helped me in more ways than just building and flying these silly toys we love so much. When I first found M.M.W. I was in a very dark place, I couldn’t claw or fight my way back from. My daughter was molested by her best friends grandpa. By the time we found out the MF was dead and gone. I wanted retribution but couldn’t get it. So I become an uncaring pessimistic monster, constantly lashing out with pure unemotional remorseless anger at everyone especially my family.
Flying set me free allowed me to clear my mind. To forget my emotional baggage as it where Even if it was only 3 minutes at a time. In chatting with all y’all here I realized I wasn’t alone in my battle. Though the situations may have been different the feeling of being lost and alone were the same. I began feeling inspired again, I didnt have much choice had to tinker to stay in the air.

Y’all may never truly understand how grateful I am to have found this community. I had little desire to be here walking this earth.
That was 2 years ago y’alls contributions stories jokes issues shared here big or small helped save my sanity.
Wow never said any of that out loud…
We can sort a way for this community to stick together I know it. I think there’s enough members here each pays a nominally small price to keep the place where it’s at. Spread out the administrative and financials to trusted members. Idk


Thanks for this historic contribution that you have made to the community @Benedikt. It has been a truly life changing experience to have been part of all this here. Knowledge was both recieved and given, friends were made, quads were built and destroyed, science happened, stories were told and will be told about these times. and there will never be words to describe my gratitude for the impact that these things have had in my life.

I can only hope karma let’s you cash in a few of those chips to assist you in your journey forward.


Thank you for everything Benedikt!
The quadcopter world wouldn’t have become what it is without you.
I know I wouldn’t have gotten as deep into them without you and this forum, it made a meaningful change in my life!
I 100% understand changing priorities and I believe family is the most important thing there is. Please don’t skimp on family for our sake.

I wish you all the best, and hope your wife recovers quickly!

Thank you for everything you’ve done for us, for me, and for the quadcopter world at large, we appreciate you!


Hey Dr Ben, this is not such a good post to read. Your impact on the micro world and contributions to many areas of it will be remembered for a long time. You set the standard for customer service with the MMW store that a few other companies thankfully follow. Your articles and videos, including potato tv are a valuable contribution in the history of hobby quad flying and fpv.
I wish you and your family much good luck going forwards.
Remember to fly often to relieve the stress of caring and keep a positive attitude.
Reach out whenever you need support, we are here even if the forum closes.
Take care man.
Steve. (Chaotix)


Benedikt, thank you for this wonderful site that has been an important resource for learning, building and flying. I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to connect to people who have inspired me to learn and to broaden my ideas and knowlegde.

I wish you and your family all the positive vibes and pray for your wife’s swift and rapid recovery. Caring for children is no easy feat and having a spouse who is ill increases the pressure immensely. For you to doing what you do is incredible and I hope that your studying of medicine helps in the long run.

WIshing you all the best


Not sure if we met on here seeing as I haven’t been around much for a few years. Your heartfelt story bought a tear to my eye and your story is similar to a few others that I know of. Thank you for sharing


Damn you guys I need to stock upon tissues now :slight_smile:

I am a bit busy right now but you know that I always have something to say about most things :slight_smile:

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Really sorry to hear about your wife’s health struggles Benedict. I pray that she can get through it and have a long life ahead. My wife had a bout with cancer a few years ago at only 39 years old. I don’t know if that’s what your facing, but I definitely sympathize.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for the micro drone world and here in the community. I hope you can continue to do what you love to do.

  • Dustin

When I joined this forum back in 2015 I was struggling with all aspects of my life based on the trauma of the birth of my 2nd daughter. Telling the whole story what happened would be too much here…but believe me I know what serious long therm life threatening health issues of your nearest family members involve.
I started the whole rc flying thing as some kind of self therapy.
Then found MMW and this forum. I didn’t know nothing bout all that stuff, but quickly realised this is the place to be.
The spirit and open mindedness literally brought me back to life and gave me hope, inspiration, support and nearly all my technical knowledge related to our hobby. I could continue this listing…
I would never be where I am right now as Quadcopter enthusiast and as a person in general without MMC.
@Benedikt thank you for everything you created Mr. Chief Scientist. You’re one of the biggest if not the biggest driving force of Micro Quadcopter History.
Keep on the spirit and don’t loose your attitude and humour. You’ll do the right things for your wife, family and yourself, I’m sure.
Whish you the best from the bottom of my heart!


The more I think about it…
178AUD per month, 1944 users.
Hmmh, I never been good with math, but that’s easy, isn’t it?

Why should we let MMC die?
If just 100 users here would be willing to keep this alive it would be around 1.78AUD, 1.10€, 1.23$ per person.
I would be in MY FRIENDS!
(if only it would be so easy to keep a beloved human alive :disappointed_relieved:)


Count me in!


#metoo :slight_smile:

How about we move discussion to a subreddit? Like call it r/MicroMotorCommunity? That would eliminate hosting fees.

I’m down lolz


Conversation is not the real issue, it’s preservation of all the valuable information contained in many of the threads. Well from my perspective it is anyway :slight_smile: