The Eachine E010S Pro runs a BF F3 with with SPI receiver, OSD, telemetry and barometer!


Alright… I will admit that upfront: I purchased that thing purely for the canopy.
As some of you know, I live very close to one of the most iconic Australian surf beaches, our local rugby and soccer teams are “the Sharks”… I HAD to have this.

However, as you might guess by the category/title, the even more interesting part of this quad is the flight controller.

I paid for expedited shipping :blush:

The description contains a wonderful amount of hilarious chinglish BS, so I had a good laugh even before it arrived.

I watched this video here every time they sent me a shipping update:

When Sharky surfaced yesterday, I was very pleased with the appearance of the canopy and removed it from the model in order to prepare it for painting in Rasta colors.

Once I had the FC connected to the configurator, the radio bound and the video feed on the screen, I changed from amused to impressed:

  • LemonF3 FC preinstalled with BetaFlight 3.2.3
  • SPI receiver connection to the D8 FrSky receiver
  • BMP280 barometer
  • telemetry output (RSSI, altitude, heading, AccX, AccY, batt voltage)
  • OSD

This is the first Whoop board I have in my hands that support telemetry and OSD. Its also my first one with SPI receiver.

Have only briefly test-flown it, and with its stock motors and battery, its pretty weak. Similar to the original E010 with a cam on top.
But the FC features as per above all seem to work, so the FC/cam shall be updated to ButterFlight/MockingBird and planted onto a more capable airframe.

There will be some video content soon, and in preparation for that, I would like to give you guys the chance to ask questions!


I love SPI receivers, can’t wait till these are standard in every flight controller. You get full telemetry without worrying about protocol etc and they don’t tie up UARTs. I have the brushless fc version in the happymodel snapper7 (name wtf) and love it.


AndyRC made a video about it:


That sounds worth looking into!
Especially if the FC/RX is available separately.

I definitely need the canopy though, that’s wonderful.


Great find, @Benedikt! I had not noticed this quad or FC yet. Integrated, SPI-connected RX is the future for both brushed and brushless FC’s!

Other than putting this FC on a lighter frame with faster motors, I am also curious to find out how it will do with more efficient 716 motors.

Between Silverware/NFE and BF/MockingBird, the micro brushed quad future sure looks bright! :smiley:


As Andy said above, this seems to be a modified version of BetaFlight.
I cannot find that LemonF3 target in the BF repository. So Im not sure if or how I can reflash it with a newer version or ButterFlight.


Having trouble with this quad. Using a T8SG Plus (thanks Benedikt its now my favorite TX and all the spektrums sit on the shelf). I can bind the radio and see reactions to input in BF but have never got it to arm (switch arming). For whatever reason my inputs all work, but in 30 ms intervals. The throttle goes between 885 and 1260 (when left low) and the other inputs stay stable at 1500 but only bounce when moved. The screenshot below is BF with the throttle left low and the aileron held full right.