Thank you, and Happy Aniversary, Chief Scientist!


Please help me show our appreciation for this fantastic forum. Thank you, Chief Scientist, for all you have done for our great hobby!


Big ups to @Benedikt I always look forward to your posts and videos. Thank you for providing the hobby with great ideas and innovations. Stay safe and fly often my friend.


Happy Cake Day Benedikt! Thank you for all the hard work you have done for the Micro FPV Community! Keep innovating, live long and prosper!


I can honestly say were it not for this forum and the environment that was created here… I would have virtually no footprint on the Web at all. But because of what @Benedikt has created for us… I feel that I am not only part of an outstanding community but fortunate to have friends that inspire greatness in me, in each other, and in our hobby. Thank you to the chief scientist and to all who participate here.

I probably would have given up on micros and fpv had it not been for the support I received here and would still just be flying planes.


Agreed, @NotFastEnuf
My nano qx would have gotten old fast, I would have gotten board and moved on long ago. Although my lovely wife still holds onto hope I will😳

Astronomy, she said, what happened to astronomy?


I come here multiple times a day and i dont even hava a micro thats flying at the moment.still i am an avid fpv flyer with 4x150ish sized and a 195!

His vids are great,this forums great,its full of great people and some of them are now familiar names.


Been following this forum since it’s conception. I rarely chime in anymore but I visit multiple times a day and try to follow every interesting topic(most of em). The amount of support and creativity on MMC is unrivaled.

Thank you @Benedikt for this wonderful place to scratch my quad itch. I look forward to sending you a lot more of my money!


Cheers for keeping the brushed micro motor relevant, providing countless hours of fun and bringing this great community of hobbyists together.


Thanks for setting up the forum Benedikt! It has brought hours upon hours of thought into my life, and many new perspectives that help me grow as a builder and as a person. The micro motor community is without a doubt, the smoothest forum/group on the internet. It’s been so much fun hanging with all of the members, for we all have this crazy passion (itch to scratch) for flying whether it’s LOS or FPV… the level of professionalism and kindness is always above and beyond what other forums provide, and I’m so glad I get to be a part of this amazing community. Once again, thank you.


I haven’t been around much, but I never forget the Chief.


I can’t really express how thankful I am to Mr. Chief Scientist for creating this forum.
Even if I‘m not that active here these days I‘m lurking around and try to read and learn as much as I can.
So big shout outs to it’s creator @Benedikt and all you guys out there (@Complacent1, @madman1412, @las, @pedro147 , @woodsturning, @JG101, @Chaotix, @NotFastEnuf … and all I forgot to mention).
I owe you so much.


I echo the words of all here and salute you Oh #QuadFather :smiley:


Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate the kind words!
Its an honour to provide a meeting point for this fine bunch of smart and respectful people here.


I know I’ve been MIA for a long time but I logged on and saw this post in my inbox. Cheers to you as well. I hope things are going great for you!


The man. The myth. The legend. The father (of children, and brushed brilliance). The guide. The scientist. The tester, and the testee. Ben has put a ton of work into sharing what he has learned. You’re a good man, Charlie Brown.