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Texas winds


Syma x5 lost in 1st 10 minutes. Got up about 40ft lost orientation and the The Texas Wind happened…
Sky viper 2450 fpv (bs wifi 2.4g fpv) used a simulator for a few weeks flew the SV for a few weeks and got cocky had orientation but on lvl 1 settings it couldnt fight the wind by the time I switched to lvl 3 i lost los. Used the transmitters power on binding to get a perimeter but still to no luck.
Both are lost in the same field ive spent countless hours searching no luck yet.

UPDATE: An awesome neighbor returned my SV
Thank you Mister Anderson

Crashed up my new x5c enough to burn up a motor. New ones on the way. Plus a king kong q100 frame, props.


Ahh that’s rough, surprise wind is brutal.

You’ll like the Q100 I think, I’ve built a couple based on that frame.


Yeppers something about the q100 called put to me. It said im hear modify me bro…