Tarkusx Frame new proto ...fly so

Testing my new #Tarkusx Frame with #Silverware #NFE and 716 brushed motors ! …at the end you can see i drop some super glue on my lens shout out to ACETONE ahahah ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart::canada::headphones:

Does it fly well for a 1s Brushed ?

Missing some HM830 propellers and probably gonna mount my battery side way !

Build :

Tarkusx Frame brushed version

716 brushed 17500kv

H8 propellers

Bwhoop Flight Controller ( Silverware NFE)

250mah/300mah HV

The String Canopy v2

Wolfwhoop WT07


Here if you wanna try it : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3836298

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The new version is even better

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Fantastic! What motors you use? I have few boss builds with 7x16 19000kv betafpv motors and no matter what props I use, they get rather hot. I am using NFE 7mm PIDs and filters for boss but no luck… And same motors in whoops ( which are heavier builds) are just a little warm (with whoop 7mm PIDs and settings)…

Day 3 ! Silverware NFE , Oldschool PIDS and Oldschool Very Strong Filter !


Here if you wanna try either 716 or 720


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Here another Good day with the TKS NFE 716s


Fantastic! I need to show your videos to brushless mini quad pilots that constantly joke about brushed micros… This forest flying will shut them up :upside_down_face:

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…and sorry for asking again, but, are your motors getting hot on this configuration? Watever I do in this type of builds (boss and taylormade frames for 716 motors - simmilar frame concept), 19000kv motors getting very hot with H8 props which I mostly use…

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it get hot , but not that much as i said im using oldschool setup without throttle boost , they are only 17500kv cheapos from xinte . Now all i need to get even more power and authority is the sexy HM830 propellers .

I also use old setup - without any throttle boost etc. - I have really old version because I added some (for my needs) PID tuning changes and Devo7e screen PID preview code in that old release and I am too lazy to port it in newer versions :blush:… with stock 7mm boss PIDs and filters and 19000kv’s are getting pretty hot even after 1 minute of non-aggresive cruising on both H8 and HM830 (I have few sets…)…

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Do you have any vibration at all ? Balanced propellers ? Which fc ? Weight ?

Props are balanced well (H8 are especially good). Can’t see any vibrations on video nor I can hear them. I use Boldclash B03 pro board on all non ducted builds. Weight of 716 is around 23-24g depending on props or camera I use. Battery I use us GNB 205mah HV and Nanotech 300mah. Problem is the same… even on 720 builds. But the same 716 motors in whoop frame are not nearly that hot…

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I know that @NotFastEnuf already mentioned it couple months ago , don’t remember when , but it was normal for brushed motors to get hot with silverware . Its probably about pids , filters and the algo used and its why it push the limit of them .

Maybe he can clarify it :slight_smile:

Brushed motors don’t respond to pids like brushless. They just get hot based on voltage applied and drag of the props… Or drag on the internal bushings.

The reason silverware gets brushed motors a little hotter is that it let’s more voltage through (more power) to the motors.

In other words, let em sing. If they’re brushed and not getting hot … You’ve left power on the table and need more prop!

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I am aware of all that - but the thing is: the same motors are significantly less hot (barely warm) on heavier whoop build with Eachine 4 bladed props which I mostly use on whoops (and which, I assume has more drag and puts more pressure on motors than H8 props) and with ducts that also cause entire build to “work harder”. And I am very aggressive with whoops and still does not have hot motors - while with slow/moderate cruising on boss build with the same board and motors and with H8 or HM830 props they tend to get really hot - significantly more than after aggressive whoop flying with the same 19000kv’s (I tried exactly the same set - put them on boss and then on whoop to exclude potential difference in motor batch)…
On all builds I am using stock PIDs and filters designed for them (I am not using whoop setting on boss nor vice versa)…
Hm. Maybe hot is not actually too hot? :slight_smile: But whatever hot means, difference in temperature is significant (testing with fingers and lips :slight_smile: )…

And all my non ducted brushed builds (without battery) are around 23-24g while whoops get around 25g, and all test I made are with the same batteries (GNB 250mAh HV).

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Well said !

So, “burn baby burn”? :wink:

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Simplicity the brother of Boss !

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"Let’s cook " #sendit