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Taranis + Module = Telemetry? [Update: YES!]


Hey Folks, Fellas & Mates,

Can anyone tell me, if a Taranis will deliver at least RSSI when using a DSM module in its bay?


I don’t know of any DSM2/DSMX modules that would provide RSSI telemetry.
If you want real telemetry on your Taranis R XSR receivers are probably the best thing to get that.


Thanks for replying.

Well, i asked, 'cause i already have a bunch of great DSM receicers and some BNF fly-thingies. Just looking for a way to use any of them with one reliable radio only.
But i’ll log the ‘R XSR’ away - thanks.


As long as the module talks over PPM to the radio, it will not do telemetry by definition.
The only module Im aware that could do it in theory is the Prikkel hack module. I have two of them and they work fantastic, but I have no telemetry capable Rx to test that for you.
The key is that the radio talks natively to the module. I set “DSM” in the “external module” field, not PPM.


I think i get an idea of what you explain. Wasn’t sure if there is any bidirectional communications in Taranis & modules, like my MC24 only transmits PPM to DM12 module. Will dig into this Prikkel hack further.

3rd time like " thanks" today - owe you one … or two…


So, Prikkel is based on 4/5ch Tx modules which most likely are not meant to do telemetry. I - do not know at this point - think Prikkel based will not deliver telemetry.

But make this a Taranis for me anyway thanks to this:
iRangeX IRX4 https://www.banggood.com/IRangeX-IRX4-2_4G-CC2500-NRF24L01-A7105-CTRF6936-4-IN-1-Multiprotocol-STM32-TX-Module-With-Case-p-1197130.html?cur_warehouse=CN

Objections anyone?


I don’t think you will get Spektrum telemetry with any of the current modules. You might be able to do FrSky telemetry with the multi-module. But you have the internal Taranis XJT for that anyways.

Maybe we could help you better if you tell us what you are trying to accomplish and which receivers you want to use. Not all Spektrum receivers do telemetry (I think only the really recent ones do). It helps to know what you really want. :slight_smile:

From experience I can only recommend to stay away from random micro receivers with no/only a few positive reviews. Genuine FrSky stuff and/or things “everyone seems to use” tend to work pretty reliably. For DSM2/DSMX Lemon RX receivers were pretty common before there were IMHO better options for FrSky (XM(no telemetry)/XM+(no telemetry)/R XSR(with full telemetry) etc.).

I have the “Prikkel module”, it’s 6ch and I don’t think it will ever do telemetry.


Hey @las , thanks for your extensive reply.

Funny thing is, T8SG with DeviationTx - which is a multi-module in itself - does, even with a Spektrum AR636A.
If that T8SG would only do more sort of ‘confidence making’ to make it feel less that toy grade.
Will never fly sth. like my former Extra 330S, 2.4m, 10kgs, 8.8hp and a 22x12" prop using a T8SG.

Yes, sure - i know. Damn bad, that i was some 10yrs “out of service” in rc-hobby.
So now i counted all my Spektrum receivers and how many of them could do telemetry.
Make that 10 receivers straight plus two BNFs and only the AR636A does telemetry. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

When i started this one, i was like “how to keep my Spektrum fleet with all its luxury (= telemetry) AND get my hands on the Taranis/FrSky value & functionality” - for example R XSR receivers.

You know, by finally getting rid of 35MHz (german model aircraft frequency) i’m literally putting pure money into the garbage. I have i.e.g. a Graupner DS20MC receiver, double-conversion-microcontroller-10channel… 160bucks - unused.:disappointed_relieved: … and many others.

So in return i wanted to have an unbeatable bonus - which is live RSSI whenever possible. Triple Safety freak inside me needs this! So, got told several times (counting your recommendation in) FrSky/Taranis is the thing to go for which i want to do.

But now :rofl: - i was so sure i had more ‘telemetries’ - i wanted some impulses for further thoughts on my future DSM/FrSky strategy…
Now thank you :wink:for helping me finding out that the problem statement “DSM + telemetry” is not really accurate.


So - here is an update to this topic, special thanks to @chime13 for pointing me into the right direction!

The missing answer in this question is: YES!

Getting telemetry thru the iRX4 Module.
Tested receivers so far

  • Eachine E011 Santa version silverized / A1, A2, RSSI
  • AR636 / shows some 20 channels in detected sensors (this is the inflight adjustment feedback)

Great for us EU guys: on the iRX4, there are the EU AND non-EU protocols for FRSKY!

So, for all those, who don’t want to be locked to one protocol and like to have telemtry, a Taranis + iRX - this is the solution, telemetry included!