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I just want to toss out one of the most controversial subjects in the hobby here… to question your rates! Most pilots swear by their rates and many will even suggest that you try their rates to improve your flying. Many of us are stuck to our rates like glue. We ritualisticly put them in on every setup and haven’t flown anything different in years.
I’m here to see how many of you are capable of considering change an option. It’s a very human characteristic to resist change … and takes an open mind to be willing to try something new openly and without bias.

Which brings us to THE SUPER WITHOUT SUPERRATES CHALLENGE! Zero out those superrates completely and go old school. Bump up rcrate till you match the deg/s value that you’re used to and slap about 0.80 expo on it. Yes, old school expo. I’m running about 960 deg/s which is 2.2 rc rate and the .8 expo. Go fly a pack with your numbers and report back what you think. Change it back right away if you want, tell me I’m an idiot LOL, but trying something new may make a world of difference, or may lead to trying something else new that makes a world of difference. I’ve been flying the same rates now for over a year without questioning them. Tonight I just kicked them to the curb and I won’t be back. I’m not the same pilot I was when I first settled on those rates, and I found out I hate the feel of superrates. I never knew that because I never tried without superrates.

Are you willing to try?


I’m already on board! I run 1.4 rc rate and about 0.4 expo with no super. Comes out around 800/s.

Definitely prefer it without super rates and recommend trying it!


I change my stuff up all the time! Although I use close to the same rates on all my quads I fly a lot of different ones. Switching between silverwhoop, 2 inch, 3 inch, 5 inch, simulator all requires mental adjustments. The silverwhoop has been the same for a few months which is a long time for me.

I have been asking myself though, which is the better pilot: The one that flies a single setup and is really amazing with that (oh hey Steele), or the one that can adapt on the fly to whatever setup / rates is given to them? :slight_smile: I’m not sure.


I think a real good and skilled pilot should be able to adapt to any setup and fly just with the feeling.

“Tame the beast”


To me I feel that any good and skilled pilot should be able to so called tame the beast…
But a smart pilot will give your pids/rates that locked in feeling to accommodate their skills… But then again thats just my opinion…


@tarkux, @Dnex1 … i agree with both of you… but i just have one question. Lol …have you tried a setup without superrates yet?


Of course… I got 2 2"'s no s.rate… And like 1 brushed… I try different things out to get that locked in feeling… But that really dont mean that they will stay that way or that the others will change to no or low s.rate…once I get one locked in then its on to the next one… Different set ups require a different touch… Just saying if all you got is 1 set up on many quads meaning same components then why change your locked in feel…
In my eye’s
The best way to tell would be to have 2 identical quads one with s.rates and the other without and see which feels better…
But i think that there would still be a debate over that


I tried it. It felt nice, but I wasn’t really happy with 2.2 & 0.8, too sloppy for me, at the time of testing (around mid stick). For a large part this is a super subjective thing and we really lack the data to answer the following question: “what’s generally the best way to translate human movements into quad control?”.

What I then tried was 2.23 and a little less expo, that worked well for me, but was already a bit too twitchy - and that’s somewhat a problem with BF - as soon you bump up RC-rate > 2 you loose fine control (a change of 0.01 becomes a pretty large change) in RC-rate. 2.21 or something like that might have been better, but I then just put back in what I was used to. But if 2.21 was still too much I would have no way to set something in between (yeah I should have tried 2.21 and 2.22).

Nevertheless, whatever I did (up to now) - I wasn’t happy with how jaw behaved without srate. More experimentation needed - but you only have a certain time budget to test things and you probably just want to fly a little. :slight_smile:

For the discussion “define good pilot” I would say - doesn’t really matter. I think most pro pilots, even if they tend to prefer a certain single setup they are really used to, can adapt quickly to other machines, but with a different level of confidence. I mean, if you are given a machine you don’t know at all - I really hope everyone of you proceeds with caution.

Another proposal (assuming Mode 2!!!) I would like to make: If you like the way your yaw feels, maybe just try no srate only on pitch/roll first. IMHO - Changing rates on yaw can have a brutal impact on how precise your throttle management feels.


Thanks for trying it out guys … I’m proud of you. Don’t get me wrong … I’m not saying you need to specifically try 2.2 and 0.8… I’m just saying try something with no superrates. The purpose of this exercise is just to remind some of us to question things that we normally keep consistent and try something new!


Silverware doesn’t have super rates…right?


I think a pilot that can fly a multitude of aircraft with a similar skill is the better pilot.
I run slightly different rates on my builds, in betaflight I have a “baseline” that I use to start with though.
I am just learning myself now, how to really make the adjustments that are best for me. I’m like in a big discovery phase at the moment.


Yea i did ! and im trying again , but this time i wanna replicate NFE rate / transition on my 802s 65mm brushless build betaflight ! ^^