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Survivor : Drone Edition


A few weeks ago I was given an orphaned Syma C5X a coworker found while taking his dog for a walk through the woods near his home.

Being at work there wasn’t much I could do but clean it up a bit and in doing so I found that the camera still had the stock SD card. I popped it into my phone to see if it had any pics or videos. I was amazed that it was still functional and found a few sky pics and also a number of videos. Only one was of any length and the date on it was Oct 1, 2013! Five years of being in the wilds and enduring the elements.

I took it home, discarded the battery, and found the power switch had rusted in the on position. I popped a new battery in and, as I was expecting, got no response. I thought that maybe it was shorted at the switch, so I opened it up and planned to verify the theory. I pulled the plug out of the housing and plugged in the battery and, to my surprise, it powered up and starting blinking!

At the time I had no way to know if it could fly as I did not have a controller, but yesterday I received the multiprotocol module I ordered and after some trial and error I was able to control my CX-30. I then turned my attention to the C5X and I’ll be damned, it synced up to my QX7 and two of the motors fired right up!

Thought I’d share.


Cool find… Thats a fun quad… As long as the battery is dead before the electronics get wet, they can survive the elements pretty well.


Awesome man! I always dream about finding an abandoned quad in the woods or a tree haha!


There’s a park very close to my house with at least three…have at it😕


Lol! Get a pole or a slingshot! It may help get your quads down. Unless it’s a pine tree… those are pretty thought to get stuff out of.


I have an extra 15’ exendable golf ball retrieval tool that was intended to get access to a geocache I placed. It is now part of my quad SHTF kit.




Shit Hits The Fan

Or could be Quad Hits The Fan (QHTF)


Last time I got caught in a treetop I used pvc water pipe telescoped one in the other to extend into the oak tree it was in. Was at a remote ranch, gonna give up but saw the pipes laying against an old rusty IH Scout.