Super Syma--BeeCore Brain transplant?


I’m a bit embarrassed at how much time i’ve put in trying (without asking for any help) to get a BeeCore board to drive my silly Syma X5A. I think I’v got the board alignment and all the basic cleanflight settings about right, but I can’t get the thing to self level or fly in acro without going wacko on me. Out of what seems hundreds of attempts, it flew precisely twice…usually flips over or death wobbles. (props and motor resource assignment are correct)

I suspect a might have a bad board (although it worked briefly when I transferred it to a E010? ).

Is there any fundamental reason a BeeCore shouldn’t work in this application–Stock Syma shell, props, gears, 7mm motors…pretty ordinary stuff.

Many thanks!



Did you account for the rotation being reversed by the gears?
Did you turn the FC upside down?
You might also have to increase PIDs significantly.


Thanks for the reply!

I didn’t account for the reversal of gears, but I think by dumb luck the fact the motors are mounted upside down corrects for this…

FC is upside down and rotated 315 degrees clockwise…I think I got that right in CF, but I’ll look again. ('I’ve tried both -45 and +315 yaw rotation correction)

I’ll play with the PID’s some more and report back soon.



If you have inverted the board, you will not only need to change the sensor alignment, but also the motor assignment, otherwise you need to route the motor wires across the board.

I think it should at least get airborne with default PIDs, but probably fly very lazy.
I have made a an X5 Alien a while ago, that flew with default quad config and slightly adjusted PIDs:


Hi…!!! great video!!
Can I install my beecore v2 on the syma X5 ? Did it works…?
Where did you buy that motors? Thank you!!!


Thats so a old video ! “Souvenir” :wink:


Yeah, I converted mine back to normal syma FC and moved on.

I couldn’t seem to find the motor mounts that accepted the larger 8.5mm motors.

Anyone know if these might still be available somewhere?


They have been discontinued looong time ago :wink: