Sudgestions: Motors for Japalura


Hey there.
Been browsing for weeks, trying to think which motors should i buy for Japalura. I think that this frame has many nice things, i like topmount battery, antena slot, neat thing…
I’m leaning toward 4" build, so i will swap time to time, between 3" and 4" props…
All suggestions are kind of outdated, so i’m looking for something new, powerful, with nice low end torque.
Have seen such - 1408 / 1507 / 1608
Which one has the best efficiency / thrust?
Your opinions?


Im a big fan of lightweight motors, and light weight props…

Idt you could go wrong with a 1408 with some nice light props…


I’d recommend the hyperlite 1407 high kv motors, paired with something like a 4040, 4045, 4035, or 3045.


I keep forgetting those hyperlites are out there… I may have to give them a shot!

I usually use rcx 1407 3200kv, and i LOVE them… they are fast and very sturdy motors, but i think they are either discontinued or on back order…

my 3200kv on 4" triblades and biblades props would tend to make my 650mah batteries fairly hot and a bit puffy, so i was reluctant to try out 3600kv motors, but the extra performance may be worth the puff… lol 650mahs are fairly cheap anyway.

flite test store has some luminier 1407 3200kv motors on sale for like $14… thats not a bad deal for luminier motors if you want to go low kv…

if u want to go medium high kv, then definitely grab a set of hyperlite 1407 3600kv for probably the same price.


I love my rcx motors as well. A light prop with the hyperlites, or another med-high kv motormwould be good. If you want to go really light, you could do a 1306 or 1304 med-low motor.


Thanks for replies.
According to videos those Hyperlites looks good. Some lifting even 5" light props.
As japalura, it tends to be heavy.

I have added to card these options:

GEPRC SPEEDX GR1408 3500KV Brushless Motor for RC Drone FPV
GEPRC SPEEDX GR1507 3600 3-4S FPV Racing Brushless Motor
RCINPOWER G1506 3400KV 3-4S Brushless Motor CW for RC FPV Racing Drone
4PCS BrotherHobby Avenger 1507 2800KV 4S Brushless Motor for RC Drone FPV Racing

I have selected these four options.
Could try 1506, 1507 type motors… Those avengers seems kind of fragile!


Personally, id go with the brother hobby motors. That brand is very good, but I’d reccomend getting them somewhere else other than BG. Their shipping times are not great. Where are you? The tornados (1407) are good as well.


I’m from Latvia/EU

Those BH Avengers looks cool…

Just want something more than 1407

I had 1407 rcx 5000kv on my 3" with gf3052 and they were ok with 450mAh…

So now looking for more!


Graupner is pretty close, you could see what they’ve got there.


What is “Graupner”?


Sorry, I forget not everyone knows what companies there are. They are sa hobby company based in Germany. They sell pretty much everything under the RC rainbow