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Submit your tiny whoop weight, Is mine too heavy?


I got it from me :smiley:

REALLY lightweight dipole! Ultralight antenna

I guess technically a day after fishpepper posted his, but I hadn’t heard of him at that point.
The proper dipole layout should give a bit better range at the cost of slightly more weight and trickier antenna routing.


I don’t trust the source then :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks! A little project…


Yeah that guy’s weird!


I FOUND A GREAT WAY OF REMOVING WEIGHT. All I did was remove the AIO cam and keep the lense! Works like a charm and lost 4g!

In all seriousness my cam mount weighs A LOT
1.2g exact…


Yeah, my BetaFPV camera and mount are what make my 26g build as heavy as it is (just an extra couple of grams compared to the others). You can get a 25mW AIO cam/VTX that is 4g or less and mount it several other ways that are lighter (there are several I’ve seen here).

Still, the build with the BetaFPV cam flies great! It just doesn’t happen to be my lightest build :- )


Yes I was about to say ditch the cam mount, use double sided tape to mount the vtx. The canopy is pretty heavy too at like 0.8 grams but at least it has a function. You can try to mount the cam lowrider style, but this frame isn’t ideal for it and it requires some fine soldering to split the cam from the vtx. Then use some foam to protect the top and save the weight of the canopy whilst not sacrificing durability. You can remove motor connectors and direct solder if your solder skills are up to the task. Power lead can probably be shortened just a little and antenna can be replaced with small one but I don’t think that’s really worth it. It’s always a balance, you usually have to sacrifice something to gain something else. I’d start with the cam mount and canopy as there is the most to gain without sacrificing much.

Have a look at this cam mount solution: Ultra light cam mount


I guess a zip tie will work… But Im printing a more elegant 0.4g cam mount that I found on alienwhoop,

While you peasents use zip ties I use ultra high quality alienwhoop gold plated diamond mounts
-David “The Asswipe” old man


Any light weight canopys a can find on amazon? I’ve got VPN so I can buy CA and US. I like how canopys look.


The bikini? Where did you get the model? I was told only HooptieJ had it but he’s MIA :frowning:


No it’s some other crap, zero mount lite. Found it on thingaverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3003240


This is my 0716 build.


The bikini, although a cool design, is a bit heavy for my liking. It’s around a gram and for something that doesn’t protect, only hold the camera, is not efficient.


Oh, I didn’t know that, it looked feather-light in the pictures I saw.


The mount I printed in nylon (15% 0.2mm) is 0.22g u should print it. It’s a great mount. Light and alsmost in possible to break if printed in nylon, pla, abs or fiflex. It’s a great mount.


Yes but you still need to add a canopy if you want any protection, which adds another 0.8 grams. But if you mount the cam between the ducts lowrider style, it is protected by the ducts and you can use 0.1 grams of foam to protect the top. But you need to separate cam from vtx for this to be possible. If you don’t feel confident doing that, no problem. I’m just nitpicking here… :wink: My 716 build is at 24 grams now, but I used to fly it at 28 grams with great success.


That’s the camera mount I use, and it works awesome. I’ve yet to break one, and not for any lack of trying! :slight_smile:


The EMAX TinyHawk weighs 28 grams; 43 grams with the battery and yet it flies better than any 1S build I’ve ever flown. It’s not just weight that matters.


That’s a pretty average weight for 75mm whoop with 40mm props, can’t really compare it to 20-ish gram 65mm ones running 31mm props, weight matters the more the smaller your props are.



Without battery within 22g for HB65. I will add quadcopter battery with it, within 30g.
Looking forward to flying.