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Submit your tiny whoop weight, Is mine too heavy?


My tiny whoop weighs 28 grams, It’s got a 65mm BetaFPV frame, Stock canopy and stock blades. A new z02, a F3 FC and 19500kv motors, Is 28g too heavy? Submit your tiny whoops weight here too.


AUW with betafpv 260mAh HV:


If you’re at 28g with battery, you’re right in the ballpark. If you’re at 28g dry then you should work on cutting some weight.
If it’s a beta65s that’s a slightly different story as 0716 motors weight more than 0615.


Yeah it’s a 65s and wow, I did weigh it without battery…
How should I get him to loose some weight?


Can you post a few pictures so we can see how it’s all put together currently?

I don’t remember what a 7x16mm motor build should weigh, I’ll weigh mine when I get home but that’ll be perfect late tonight. Maybe tomorrow.
I want to say 23-25g though.

Mine is a Alienwhooo Zer0 FC, crazy small Bayang RX, tiny whoop awesome sauce motors (6x17), VM275T aio camera/vtx, in a cockroach frame with a NFE canopy.
If I trimmed heavily I could probably lose half a gram to a gram, but it would be annoying (exact length, very thin, wires for everything, direct solder motors with zero extra length, etc).

I bet we can help you hack at least a couple grams off, you’ll be very happy with the results.


Mine are 19 and 20g dry.
2x Alienwhoops - cockroach, 6x17 motors, VM275T cam/vtx, and bikini to hold cam in place. 19g
1x Beebrain lite - cockroach, 6x17 motors, cam that comes with it, and canopy. 20g.

I also have one of the bazaar thingies sent from Benedikt. That weighs 28g dry. Gonna have to eventually change a few things to shave off some weight.


I’ve seen some pics of those bikinis, they look weightless! How can I get my hands on one, is the STL available somewhere?


Well it was put together before, Right now I’m waiting on some pins for cam. I can show you how it used to be (I just put all the stuff where it used to be)


Here it is on scale


Here are three 7x16 builds with E011, Beta65S Lite, and Become Lite FCs (running Silverware) and various cameras. The 24g builds are noticeably peppier than the 26g build!


Any recommendations to get my 29g to 26g?


@fichek I got them from HooptieJ on the AlienWhoop Discord… not sure if he’s still making them or not.


Change the frame to a cockroach?


Ah yeah, he seems to be MIA :frowning:


My last 7x16 whoop build weighs 23.53 grams without battery. It includes betafpv canopy, and 2.8g akk s2 aio (I replaced the antenna with a weightless 12mm wire and I’m still getting the same range as the dipole one).


I’ll look into doing that, I don’t know if all my other BetaFPV hardware will work. Any other recommendations? I’ve also been looking at betafpvs v4 frame, Anyone think I should upgrade to one?


I followed this dude’s build tutorial https://youtu.be/RQQqhYVTW-E


Your battery leads could probably get shorter and maybe thinner, but that’s risky) that’s a bit of weight.
The vtx antenna can be changed out for two ~13mm lengths of wire (one from signal, one from ground) pointed away from each other.

Those two things will save some.

I’ve seen frames turned into drillium, it probably shortens the lifespan significantly though.

If you don’t mind losing some ease-of-use and don’t mind since finicky soldering you can take the motor connectors of and direct solder. Makes changing motors annoying though.


I don’t know about antenna changing, I have a pretty light dipole. I’ll shorten the battery leads, But I don’t know about direct soldering motors. Anything else you can think of?


May I ask where you found the info to do this please? I’d like to try it. I did a quick search and found this https://fishpepper.de/2017/02/27/vm275-cameravtx-combo-antenna-mod-weight-reduction-from-4-0-to-2-8g/ but it’s only one wire


Yes, the V4 frame is much better - and that will shave off a small amount of weight. It looks like you may have some pretty thick wiring coming off the camera. That and the camera mount can add a surprising amount of weight to a build.

I wouldn’t shorten the battery leads - yes that will take down a small amount of weight, but if you use longer batteries (like the really good GNB 260s) you end up needing that extra length. I’d also recommend not messing with the antenna - if you ever fly with others, using a dipole without a counterpoise is going to spray signal all over and mess with any RF timing system.

Those motors are also going to be pretty chunky, but they’re going to put out more thrust so that your thrust to weight ratio will be roughly the same. I wouldn’t go to extremes to cut weight - just check your camera and get the V4 frame and see how it flies.