SUB-2.5in(115mm) brushless frames



Fits 20x20 FC and 3 inch props.


Cool find!
wheelbase of 112mm, can take up to 3" props
1104-1306 motors, (I wonder what would be best for this frame, probably 1304)
3mm thick carbon fiber arms
21g total weight i feel may be a bit heavy for 1104, but i am not sure… I feel like if its 3mm thick arms durability shouldnt be an issue… Interest combination of features that frame has!


Yeah I’ve got a 1106 build with 3025 props on that frame that’s almost ready to fly. Hope it isn’t too heavy lol!


1106 should be perfect Im thinking, one step away from 1304


Thanks. I’ll update once I maiden it.


Hey, thanks for the heads up. Might be able to mount a Runcam Split on this… :raised_hands:
Looks a bit heavy for 11XX to me, I’d use 1306 on it.


Yeah that’s what I’m thinking now but I already bought a set of 1106 motors! Hope it’s not too bad.

I do have almost an 8 to 1 thrust to weight ratio with these motors.


A lot of “new” frames on BG (these are only the sub 115mm frames, there are also some new ~130mm options):


Hot damn! BangGood is on a post-holiday new release roll! :open_mouth:

Must… resist… going on a post-holiday buying binge! :wink:


A micro y4? A bit iffy, but interesting idea!


More options from BG