SUB-2.5in(115mm) brushless frames


@tronaton: That Alien Flight frame by @mj666 is a nice design. I got the larger 135mm (I think) version, which can comfortably fit even longer HQ3030 props, with some room to spare. This was a year ago, before the 1103 motors came out and 100mm frames caught on. Unfortunately, it’s not operational right now. Another one on my long “to do” list.


This thread has created a monster… I can’t stop thinking about sub 2.5" builds now lmao totally willing to put my alien 5" build on financial hold for a while. I’m thankful this thread was put together, tons of amazing options to choose from… Flying in spaces you could only dream of with a tiny little powerhouse of a machine…


I have one of my AlienflightNG F4 builds on this frame. It’s a tough little frame!


adding it here. I think it’s the cheapest and lightest of them all :smiley:
BEE 90


I wouldn’t be able to start a build with that Bee 90, just from the thickness, or lack thereof, if CF. I broke a lovely little build I did with a thin frame, and learned all too quickly how much that matters to me.


There does seem to be a lot of low quality carbon being pushed by china just now, cheap but the cost in annoyance as parts don’t fit properly and ultimately break is not worth it. Buy quality, pay a bit more, support good designs and designers I say.


Here’s the E90 cut down for LOS. The base plate weighed 8gm, now it is 6.3gm. It’s 3mm thick, feels strong. The top plate is 1.5mm thick and weighs 2.1gm. Looks like RX2535 props will need 1mm or so trimmed. This should fly really nicely with 1104 5400kv motors, RX2535 props, a 20x20mm 4in1 10A esc and a 300mAh or 450mAh 2S battery. Flight time would be good too.


Phew, that prop clearance tho! It’s all about the thrust! :slight_smile:


Are there any of these 2.5" frames that would fit a full size FPV camera paired up with something like the VTX03, or would that add entirely too much weight? I would love to have a quad the size of these with something like a Foxeer Night Wolf V2 to rip around the yard/neighborhood/local park at night and not create too much of a ruckus like I would with a 5" quad.



@tronaton: The RunCam Swift Mini is nice. It’s essentially the same size as the old Owl v1. However, I’m afraid it would still be a bit large and heavy for a 2.5" brushless quad. Some have mounted it on the 3" Atom with a custom 3D printed canopy.

I got one with the 2.1mm lens (all that RMRC had) for my 4" Lilith, still to be completed. Nice to see that GetFPV is selling the 2.5mm lens version. There’s also a 2.8mm lens, which might be good for dedicated tunnel racers. :wink:


micro stretched X!


2mm Bottom Plate: 10g

1.5mm Top Plate: 1g

2mm Front Guard: <1g

2mm Back Guard: <1g


Another one to add to the list:

2mm bottom/1.5mm top plates. According to BG ~10g.


This is a sexy frame, I have its 5" bigger brother and its a great frame


I put one in my Atom V3, but have a Swift Micro on pre-order for my Raiju build.


Here are the RotouriousFpv frames that fit in this bracket, my current favourite is the LB97. Top notch carbon in these reflected in the price.


2 more frames from atmospheric adventures… love the way these frames look!


Will the awesome E90 frame fit 1106 motors? Thanks


I would imagine since they are 11xx, the base should be the same size.

I think the xx06 part would be lost on the E90, though, since you couldn’t fit larger than 1.9 or 2" props.


Six blade prop time?