SUB-2.5in(115mm) brushless frames


Ive been looking into the sub 115mm frames.
I would love a thread that has links to all the available frames we know of.
Heres the ones I have been looking at and are aware of: my favorite due to the tpu pod, the marvin looks nice as well.
keni 97

marvin 113

squirt 100 has the mini atom, the eclair and other frames.
atom mini


Xracer tomo mosquito tomo swift tomo mirko Realacc bobo 95

please post up a link and pic to any decent sub-120mm brushless frame you can find.

Ultra Lightweight Frame Options (Brushless, 110X, ~2inch props)
Nice looking 88 and 90 mm Brushless frame

So many new options in this size! It’s completely overwhelming.

The one I’m working on is @Ian444’s 105mm frame, available on AP.

Or do you mean “sub-2.5in” to exclude 2.5" props, so only 2.4" and smaller?

Where can I find a 120 Frame with 20x20 mounting holes?

2.5 and smaller.
just a guide,
yet i dont want the thread to go into atom size frames.


Gotcha! So 2.5" is good to go. 3" and larger is out. Makes sense. :slight_smile:


This thread makes me question myself and my sanity: I just said no more quads! - but micro brushless seems like so much fun to work on and create… Can’t help but get sucked in!

I may have to put one of these on my list before an ultralightweight 4’ racer…


Yes, AirBlade UAVs are nice…

CreamPuff 90mm


To me this 2.5" and under size is all about flying anywhere and everywhere. They are tiny, so remain maneuverable in small spaces. And they are super lightweight, so completely harmless. Nobody is going to argue that these are not fun toys, as opposed to despicable and dangerous “drones.” :wink:

IOW, it’s 50 percent about physics and flying dynamics, and 50 percent about public perception. This makes micro BL quads (and their brushed siblings) 105-percent cool! :heart_eyes: :sunglasses:


lmao! I like that train of thought… I think I may scrap the idea of going for speed… I dont have enough space to really fly that sort of quad around anyway…

Micro brushless freestyle builds - :smiley: Here i come!!! im in!
Edit::: It would be sweet to see how fast a lightweightmicro sub 115 stretched X can get lmao


The CreamPuff is cool beans! I mean, Charpu flies a Creampuff. :sunglasses: (He’s just not allowed to say it, because paid sponsorships and all.)

'Nuff said! I mean, 'Puff said! :smiley:


Two of my favorites, which absolutely belong at the top of this list:

HoverBot Nano, designed and sold by two students in Washington State (changed pic to one with the ingenious prop-guard, which IMO is the key selling point of the Nano)


Nyuki 100 by RotoRex, an American in Saudi Arabia selling via AP.



Pico X and it’s clone the chaser88

Technically max at 2.4in props


It is flabbergasting how pretty much every original design seems to get a BG clone within a few short weeks.

Realacc KT100 = Rotorious FPV RIP 120 clone
90L 90mm = AirBlade Eclair clone
Chaser88 = FlexRC Pico X clone
Awesome E90 = Tomo Chopstick (?) clone
Aurora 90 = (name escapes me) clone

KingKong Q90 is the only one that appears to be an original design.


True, sorry I’m not really ethical about that. I just care about price and functionality. I get most of my stuff from BG, so it’s convenient to also get their frames. I don’t approve stealing someone else’s design, but I guess it’s just laziness on my part.

*Bobo 95 = Tomoquads Mikro 78 (but bigger)


Not really a clone here. Seriously, this is just a deadcat config 95mm frame - it’s as much a clone of the mikro 78 as it is a clone of the Atom 122 (but smaller). My first thought was also “ohh a mikro clone” but it is not. I think it doesn’t cross the subjective and fine line between taking a little inspiration and cloning. The 3 spacer concept is the same - but other than that - the frames look totally different.


All good, @JBFPV. This was just an observation. I did not mean to imply any judgment at all. :slight_smile:

FWIW, I buy plenty of stuff from BG and HK, and plenty of stuff from various original designers/manufacturers as well. IMO, there’s room for both. And, unfortunately, trying to fight “clones” is like Don Quixote tilting at windmills. Not really worth the headache/heartache. :neutral_face:


This is great @tronaton. Don’t know if you noticed, but this is what I was getting at yesterday in the Discord chat. I bought a bunch of DYS 1102 10000kV motors on a whim… NewBee drone had a sale today. Now I’m going to be looking for sub 100mm.


There’ also the issue of cost…
I would really like to support Flex RC for their innovation and quality, but once you’ve added all the extras to say a PicoX kit, their prices are outrageous.
With our mickey mouse currency (S Africa) it’s a no brainer to buy from BG or any other Chinese supplier. Pity…


This one just popped up: