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Stuttering motor - Diagnosis wanted!


Good doctors of the community,

I was hoping you could help me diagnose the issue with my stuttering motor. During my last flight, my quad just tumbled out of the sky with no warning at all. On trying to restart the quad, motor with the orange prop (motor 4?) now stutters on arming in air mode and stop spinning altogether. Video link below.

Does it look/sound more like an ESC or motor issue? I wanted to ask you all before I rush in to buy replacement parts.


Link: https://youtu.be/Sv3oxqmw3MA


A stuttering motor usually means one of the phases isn’t energizing in the motor. That could be a burnt phase, a bad solder joint, or a bad esc. Double check your connections to the 3 phases - put an iron back on them. Use the video below to test your motor… if all else passes - throw an esc at it. You can always rotate position of a motor or esc for a process of elimination.

If i had to guess from your video … I’d go with a broken wire in your motor but maybe you’ll get lucky and touching it up with an iron will fix it.