Streamlined Whoop canopy

Hello All.
Currently developing this with @Benedikt.


I think already the protoype was excellent. Im keen to see how far you can take this :wink:
Welcome to the forum, @CadMan!

Looks pretty cool!
I think its important to make sure the canopy will fit between the ducts, the BetaFPV one usualy ends up on the duct edges.
And ofc the weight is very important when it comes to whoop size quads.
Looking forward to see your finnished product :slightly_smiling_face:

First thoughts are, it looks heavy, more than 1g for a canopy is a lot. How heavy is it?

I think it looks great. Carefully selecting the material for the final product can mitigate weight and still keep strength and durability. I have gotten my final products into the sub .3 gram range if you’re looking for a target weight. I also agree on no gaps or overlaps on tge ducts! That’s a biggie for style points. From your mounting tab design I can infer that this is something you are either going to 3d print or possibly injection mold? What materials are you considering? I’m a vacuum forming guy myself but there is no right or wrong… only shades of light! :smile:


Very cool, I like it!

Is that the autodesk simulator? I love that software! Super helpful
Love the design, nice work!

There’s the Bell bike helmet / Alien head canopy I’ve been wanting!
When are they going to be available?
Nice job!

I know it’s not a Whoop but here was my “artist” rendition - I just don’t have any way to make it.


It is a prototype, not paying much attention to the weight at this stage. 1.2g

Yes, it is important. My scaling was slightly off, its fixed now.The front left looks off, I didn’t press auto level before I took the screen shot.

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I have many options when it comes to materials. As you say, “only shades of light”.

Thank you. I will endeavour to make them look cool.

I use SolidWorks for modelling primarily, Fusion 360 for CAM and STL’s and Flow Design for analysis. At work I use Siemens PLM and NX. Way more superior than the above.

Glad you like it. I guess it shouldn’t be difficult to model the alien head. Early days, not sure when they will be available. Pretty busy at work.

Love it! It’s about time somebody came up with a new design. After the original mullet mod from 2016 we’ve only had very few different canopy styles. I do doubt aerodynamics have any effect at our whoop speeds, but I love the looks.

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Thank you.

The range of Reynolds number in insect flight is about 10 to 10 to the 4
, which lies in between the two limits that are convenient for theories: inviscid steady flows around an airfoil and Stokes flow experienced by a swimming bacterium. All though this intermediate range is not well understood, it does make a difference. Even at whoop speeds.

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I can confirm that part! :thinking: But hey that is good news! :hushed::+1:

looks cool love it :slight_smile: Great crash protection for beginners like me :wink: Blade Inductrix canopy offers a great camera fix, maybe you guys implement something similar…