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Strange warning vibration/sound Taranis 9xd plus


So I just received my JJRC H67 Flying Santa (didn’t NFE flash because I don’t have the cable/soldering iron yet) and also an irangeX irx4+ multimodule. I spend almost the whole day trying to set it up (newbie here :relaxed:) So far I could set it in PPM, and Serial (updated the Taranis firware and boot loader to the last ones with support for multi and the serial thing.
But I have an issue:
There’s a continuous beep/vibration coming from the Taranis, about twice a second, all the time, it drives me nuts and I don’t know how can I turn it off and what does it mean.



Could be low battery warning in the tx. Go into the radio menu and scroll down the first page. Make sure the voltage warning is set for the correct size battery. Also make sure it’s charged.



It’s charged, it only happens with the model that I created for the multimodule. I have another model for the simulator and I don’t hear the warning.
I have the stock battery, 2000mAh, 7.2V and the charge indicator says 7.9V.
I went to the screen you say, RADIO SETUP, right? The alarms are:

  • Battery low at 6.5V
  • Inactivity: 10m
  • Memory low
  • Check Rssi on shutdown
    I unmarked the 3 last ones, but I still can hear the alarm.

Is there any other place where I can look?



Is it stuck in bind mode? That’s another possibility.



I don’t know, I fly the whoop without problem, even do the flips with a switch.
Can I be flying and on bind mode, how can I check that?
(Thanks for helping btw)



Could it be that the multimodule has some problem? I could really count with some help here :slight_smile: