State of the community

Hi everyone :wave:

I’ts been a long time since I posted here. With the shift to brushless motors and “bigger micros”, I kinda lost interest in the hobby (and there’s just a ton of stuff going on in my life). I’m making another attempt of getting back into it right now :sweat_smile:

  • So, how is everyone? :grin:
  • A lot of the regulars from “back then” seem to have stopped coming here a year ago? Travis, Jelle etc.
  • Benedikt, the chief scientist, has gone MIA?
  • Is anyone still flying brushed these days?
  • Are you as hyped for long lange micros( as I am?

I hope everyone is well. Let’s make some noise around here again :wink:


Welcome back!

I’ll reply what I know :slight_smile:

  • So, how is everyone? :grin:
    I am fine! I see lot of others are pretty OK too :slight_smile:

  • A lot of the regulars from “back then” seem to have stopped coming here a year ago? Travis, Jelle etc.
    Did not read any posts here from both for a long tome… :frowning: But Travis was here before few months posting some comments about quicksilver and brushed motors etc. (as far as I remember)…

  • Benedikt, the chief scientist, has gone MIA?
    Somebody contacted him via Facebook (if I remember correctly) lately, and he said he plan to keep site in business in some smaller scale or something… Can’t find that post now fot details… :frowning:

  • Is anyone still flying brushed these days?
    Me! :upside_down_face: I am flying ONLY brushed whoops and sometimes (but rarely) boss builds. Everything only with Silverware.

  • Are you as hyped for long lange micros( as I am?
    Not me.

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I am far from oldschool, only got into this hobby a year ago… But yes I see changes even during my short time. I get the feeling this hobby isn’t a long term hobby for many people?
I know for myself, I think I need to find balance or i fear I will burn out too. I’ve basically spent hours every single evening building, fixing, reading about or flying my whoops, for the last year! I don’t think that can last haha.
But people who fly RC planes tend to keep the hobby all their lives… I wonder what the difference is?

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Yes! I got some decent distances recently since upgrading my goggles, and antennas, and it’s a huge buzz to get so far away (and then make it back)… And that’s only 500m or so with a 75mm whoop. I can’t wait to get expresslrs 2.4ghz,a sub 100g longrange quad like DaveC is designing, and fly out to the snow mountains near my ski apartment!

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Whomever is running the website that sells parts should stop allowing orders to go through. I purchased some motors a couple weeks ago, but haven’t heard anything about shipping etc. I am trying to decide if I should contact paypal and attempt to cancel the order.

I’m in it for 4-5 years so far… With ups and downs, of course :slight_smile:

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Yeah that’s no good. Can you try contacting Benedikt Haak on Facebook?

I hope to be in it long term. I used to be into planes, and I still get fascinated by flying things, I always have been. But I got into rc planes right before I discovered girls haha. So life got in the way. Even if I do take a break, I think I will be back…


Hi @sier ,

Good to see you! Can confirm I have lost interest in flying for a while now. As @Tokyo_Dom wisely said, you can burn out on this hobby, especially if you go at it hard. I know I did. I spent at least 2-3 years totally obsessed with it, 24 hours a day I was thinking about it. Every minute of my free time dedicated to learning, reading, building, and sometimes flying as well… :wink: usually an obsession like that lasts for weeks, months at most. So a few years is a record time for me. But eventually it gets boring. There is only so much you can do with a quadcopter, and it becomes increasingly difficult to keep coming up with new tricks or new things to do that haven’t been done before.

There has also been a split in the community after brushless became ‘standard’ and I can only assume this is one of the reasons this community isn’t thriving as it used to. Myself, I have played around with brushless but I still haven’t found my setup yet. I still prefer to fly the 3 years old brushed NFE setup, which speaks wonders about how far ahead of it’s time it was back then.

I haven’t flown a pack in 2021 yet, but now that the weather is becoming better I am starting to feel like flying lately. So maybe it’s time to blow the dust off some of them old parts soon… :wink:
And YES that nano long range has caught my eye as well! There is something about it.
In fact I’ve been thinking about ways to make a brushed long range quad…


Hah, I feel like I missed out on the golden years of quad development, and almost everything we are doing today is just a repeat of what you guys already played around with a few years ago.

And yes I think I might be heading down the same path you did (well at least the 24hr a day thinking about it part). Balance is the key I think. I mean, the feeling of flying free like a bird, that can’t get boring can it!?


You nailed it. This is why I got into FPV in the first place. I need to go back to this basic feeling, where flying is about enjoyment, and not about what trick or cool video I have to make to top the previous video.

I need to get back to the mindset of just flying because it’s fun. :v:


Nice to see the legend that is JBFPV.


Well that’s what keeps me in the game for almost 5 years now… I never fly to record - in fact, when I record, I can’t fly! Can’t explain but as soon as I hit record button, I start to be sloppy and crash a lot. Now I have new googles with auto record so it might help me to be better while recording because I suppose I will forget I am recording :wink:
Anyway, I never fly to record but just for pure fun of it - and if I record something acceptable while flying, great! Sometimes I even upload to airvuz…
And yes - I still love to fly and to build but definitely don’t like to repair :wink:

And I am still on brushed NFE Silverware whoops… I do have 2 brushless builds - one is 2" and one 2.5" - both non-whoop micro quads based on brushless modded Silverware - but they simply don’t give me that safe and crazy feeling what brushed whoop gives…

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Good to hear from you Jelle!

I think I burned out on it too. For about a year I got really into it, I thought about nothing else and it was the greatest thing in the world, until one day it suddenly wasn’t :man_shrugging:

The interest has been coming back in the last weeks :blush: I have a box full of Silverware FCs in various states of abuse, and I’m rebuilding a couple of them (brushed, of course).
I’m also very curious about long range FPV and flying wings.

I just have to be very careful not to overdo it again :sweat_smile:


Must be the beautiful weather :smile:
I am also thinking about flying again and rebuilding my brushed setup.

Last week I ordered some new custom frames at Armattan.
(hope to receive them just before the new tax laws take place at 01-07 in NL)

Going to build a 0720 with 65mm Gemfan and a Zero board. (all in a box doing nothing)
Hope I haven’t forgotten how to fly.


I’m keeping myself in the form even in cold days… Althought whooping brushed silverware 7x16 builds in a cold weather is not particularly satisfying, but still… :slight_smile:
And since is sunny these days, I decided finally to learn power loops! :slight_smile:


Whoa! Glad to see this board is still up and running!

Been an age since I was last here as well and was prodded to visit as I suggested the Warehouse to a pilot who is flying toy grade quads and asking about Betaflight. Pointed him to Silverware.

  • So, how is everyone? Getting back into the hobby as well after a hiatus due to Covid.

  • Is anyone still flying brushed these days? I so as well. I enjoy flying my silverware whoop and plan to get my Bosses back in the air soon.

That is a thing??

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I fly only brushed silverware whoops… :slight_smile:
I do have 2 brushless builds (2" and 2.5/3") but they are pretty much unused… Because somehow, I am confident only with brushed whoops…

I have built a NanoLR and it’s a lot of fun, I am trying to get the full works on mine - hd recording full GPS rescue (baro and compass), buzzer and inav, all under 100g AUW. Bit of a way off, but still fun to try.

Im also trying to build a brushed silverware version! I got Expresslrs working on the Alien Zero, with voltage telemetry. Unfortunately the 720 motors and Eyas55 frame didn’t really give very good battery life. Need to do it with a boss8 or bigger.

Btw, for anyone who still wants the original silverware experience, banggood is currently running a special on the redpaws R010, which is an e011 clone, the blue version is silverware flash able, E011 target. It’s only $12 or so, the last of the easy flashable f0 targets I think.


Good to see some brushed chat going on again. I love my brushless birds but still fly my brushed builds regularly. I actually have a Boss 6 frame printing right now and just did a Boss 8 build back in the end of April. I also recently printed a brushed nano long range frame and built it up using one of my old Boldclash B03 Pro FC’s.

I wouldn’t really call it long range since it’s running on my 1s Whoop batteries instead of 18650, and only has a 25mw AIO in it for FPV but, it looks cool and is a lot of fun to fly around the yard.