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Standard JST size for batteries


I am looking to buy some JST plugs but realized there are different sizes. What is the standard for lipo batteries?


Which kind of battery / purpose? There are indeed different JST’s with different names.

For whoops the old standard used to be jst 1.25 (aka the tiny connector) but the standard nowadays is jst PH2.0 aka Powerwhoop connector:

Old 1.25 (1.25mm) connector (DON’T get this one)

PH 2.0 connector (2 mm) (the standard whoop connector nowadays)

Then there is the Red JST connector (not sure what the official name is) more suitable for bigger brushed micros (8.5mm) or brushless up to 2S

For 3s standard would be XT30 tho there is always debate about his :wink:

4s and above XT60:

and if you wanna really go big there is XT90:
(I have these on my DIY electric skateboard running 2x5S in series :joy:)


Nice summary from @JBFPV.
I would like to add that JST is not a specific type of connector. It’s a manufacturer of endless varieties of connectors and equipment named Japan Solderless Terminals (JST).

In Germany the above mentioned red JST is often called BEC and as far as I know it’s correct name is JST RCY with 2.5mm pitch.


Thanks Christian, I did not know that. There are so many different names for those connectors it’s just silly. I remember that was one of the things that confused me the most when I started. :joy:


At the moment the 105 has the odd shaped crappy micro plug

I heard the JST is a better option and some of the better batteries, such as Tattu, use it, so I am looking into upgrading the board.


I assume you are referring to the QX105? This plug is a funny example because I don’t know the official name, oh yeah, I think it’s called micro Losi, but it is also known as ‘walkera connector’ or ‘hubsan connector’ isn’t it funny :laughing:

I think Micro Losi is ok for the purpose, current wise. But it is slightly difficult to unplug and the plates can wear down. Also they come in reverse polarity so pay attention to the red/black wires lining up. It all depends on which batteries you intend to use.

You can get packs of really cheap JST on ebay or aliexpress but those are often not the best quality and difficult to plug/unplug. Something like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10-Pairs-Male-Female-Red-JST-Connector-Plug-Cable-Line-for-RC-BEC-Lipo-Battery-/352263043098

It might be worth it getting better quality ones, unfortunatly mmw doesn’t stock the connector but you could use this and cut it up, a bit expensive but they are legit mylipo.de ones (I think):


Yes, well I call the Mantis because it’s running 8.5mm motors instead of 10mm.

I could pick up two of those and have one to charge and one to chop up. Just need to make a banana plug to TX60 mod as I have a knock off B6 mini.


All I’ll say on the subject of lipo connectors is that it’s one of the most important connections on your quad. Don’t buy cheap clone makes as the plating quality is rubbish and very quickly deteriorates leading to high resistance, heat and a bad time trying to solve strange behaviour. The genuine red JST, proper name JST RCY, can fail internally which is very hard to see and manifests as lack of grip on one or both pins.
It is good practise to be conscious of the temperature of plugs and sockets when disconnecting after a flight, if warm or hot then investigate as soon as possible or rick losing a quad.


@JBFPV For the record, the traditional 1.25mm connector is not a JST! It’s a shame that so many people (incl. the Tiny Whoop crew) incorrectly refer to it as “micro JST.” It is in fact a Molex PicoBlade. You can tell by the pins, which are blade shaped (rectangular). On JST connectors, the pins are square.


:hushed: I did not know that Roland! Even Benedikt calls it Micro JST: https://micro-motor-warehouse.com/collections/connectors/products/micro-jst-1-25-pigtail :grimacing:
Although I have heard Molex Picoblade before also. This is exactly what I meant with all the different names for the connectors, it’s like a forest of wires! :joy: haha, so confusing.

edit: just made this :smiley: got inspired


Exactly, @JBFPV ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

It’s ironic that even @Benedikt messes up the connector names! This even though he obviously knows the difference. He’s mentioned repeatedly on YT that the Hitec X4 Micro charger features the wrong 1.25mm JST plugs. If you don’t use a pigtail adapter, it’ll break the Molex PicoBlade connector on your gum stick batteries. I think the required pigtail adapters to Molex PicoBlade are available for sale at MMW. :stuck_out_tongue:

Love that literal forest of connectors, though! :rofl:


yeah… well… I know far from everything :stuck_out_tongue:
And sometimes you just gotta use “wrong” names just because everyone is using them…

btw, I recently started calling the red plug “JST-SYP”.


Argh! Like the unwashed masses who refer to Tempo Taschentücher as Kleenex. Or those who might confuse Austria and Australia, or Switzerland and Sweden. :persevere: :stuck_out_tongue:

Double argh! That one’s supposed to be JST-RCY. :flushed:

See attached images for reference. Unfortunately, all of them are missing the JST-PH 2.0mm connector. But at least it’s a start. :wink: