Stable Pre built tiny whoop


Just wanted some suggestions of what you guys consider some of your more stable tiny whoop style drones you have flown brushed or brushless.

I hear the e010s is pretty good. Thanks all.


Not a professional here, but E010S IMy(!!)HO is the best choice.

It is cheap, so if you dont like that size or style pretty few money is lost
Frame is super durable and all the other components are upgradeable. Motors, batteries, flight controller…

If you 'd go for batteries to it i’d recommend a set of Crazepony 240mAh JST 2.0 connector type. Mine came with the connector wire for the board, too.
Just never forget, that in this size every single gramm counts.


Beebrain v2 kit is good imo


What Transmitter do you have?


In have a flysky and a frsky transmitter I use.


I have an older beta 65s with the separate dsmx receiver that has to be bound every pack, that I literally just got flying yesterday. I put a PID tune and like 8 packs through it and it seemed like a sturdy stable rig… Beta FPV website says they have four native receiver bind and fly whoops that I would recommend if the receiver problem is fixed, I assume it is but I don’t know for sure. They seem to have a good stock.

If you act fast, micro motor Warehouse has a couple FR sky pre-built whoops that I’m sure Rock! Only in 7-16 motors but I I honestly think they are a better motor.


I just got one of the MMW BNF 7x16mm quads and was blown away by the quality of the build. Everything is very tidy and secure. Have put at least 40 packs through it and am still really impressed. Well worth the cash to see how one should be built.

I am really liking the betafpv FC too. Love the OSD and preferring it to my beebrain v1.