Splitting off video signal wire for OSD will cause lag?

I am planning on buying a Runcam micro swift 2 and a VTX03. My FC has built in OSD where I have to input/output the video wire from the camera and the VTX. Will this introduce lag or degrade the quality of my video feed or would it be fine?

Also, is there any difference between the Runcam micro swift 2 and the Runcam micro swift 1 other than the price?


I never had any lag or problems when using FC with OSD.
Have both micro swift and micro swift 2, only difference i know of is the built in OSD that gives voltage and the connectors on the back of the cams.
So basicly if you have built in OSD on your FC you can go with micro swift.

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Not enough the I’ve noticed.

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It shouldn’t cause a lag, i wouldn’t worry too much about that… It was designed for OSD.

between runcam micro swift 1 and 2, i believe is micro swift 1 is discontinued, so i would definitely just get the runcam swift 2 seeing as its later technology and that is usually better.

As far as the actual differences go, from what i can see comparing the two the runcam micro swift 2 has some presets for Personal / Lightrax / Outdoor / Indoor / Cloudy / Twilight , which the first micro swift did not have. also has an integrated OSD with low voltage alarm

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I for one do not agree with previus post about micro swift 2 being the best choice.
Its cheaper and works well for me, so if you are on a budget its a great cam, if there is still any available for purchase.

Im not sure if micro swift have the choice of preset settings that you can change, but it does not come with the required remote in the box as the micro swift 2 does.
Would make sense if the first version dont have these settings. Will have to check and get back to you on that.

Yeah. I think the micro Swift 1 and 2 are exactly the same, but the 2 comes with voltage OSD option, which I don’t need.

I’m still leaning toward the 2 though because it comes with the OSD controller so I can configure the settings and only costs $4 more than the 1. The controller costs $3 alone so yeah…

As long as it has better video than my crappy TX02 I’ll be happy.

The picture quality is usualy alot better and more crisp on a ccd camera. I have a Tx02 and i would say its a big step up in comparison.
I dont really like the Tx01/02 cameras at all tbh, i think there are better cmos setups out there like the CM275T or the 800tvl AiO camera from E010s.
If you want to use it for a micro or nano sized quad 25mw is usualy enough, otherwise VTX03 and ccd camera is the way to go.

Further more i use Eachine K-Loverleaf mushroom antenna with 6 leaves, its been very good for me. I also have a TBS triumph that i put on my extra goggles because i feel its not as good as the Eachine one.

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Any chance you can post up two pictures, one of the FPV feed from the TX02 and one of the FPV feed from the Runcam Micro Swift 2, looking at some thin object like pencils or tree branches?

Oh, i dont have my DVR built into my Eachine goggles two yet. So many projects so little time…
I bet you could find pictures and reviews of both on Google, though i see your point with two similar pictures would make it more obvious.
Sadly there isnt any awesome setup with HD that works for these smaller quads if you want the low latency that we usualy need. At least not that i know of at this price range.

Im not more than a year old in this hobby and there is so many choices to make, but i feel certain that Micro swift 2 or the Foxeer model are the best in its size for now. At least when your quad can handle the extra weight Compared to an AiO camera at 3-4g.

Best of luck and i hope you find the camera as good as i do.

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