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Spf3 evo a bit hot


Hi, I’m newbie in quad stuff, and recently build my first 5inch drone and a brushed quad, based on spf3 evo from aliexpress for about 7 € (damn cheap!). I’ve a 3d printer so I printed MK XIII frame, you can easly find online, which seems the best frame for this quad I can 3d print (any suggestion about new frame is well appreciated). I took the motor from potensic U36W which use a 2s battery and even the props. so I wired everything, pretty straightfoward build I should say, and It works, but with 1s battery it doesn’t lift with his props, so I took a 3blade props from an other toy and It lift but is slow and not reactive. 2s definetly chaged the story, flies pretty good, is fast and responsive (of course I changed the solder switch on the fc to 2s) but some mosfet on the board heats up pretty fast, even if not armed, i measured up to 100c with my infrared thermometer. the other issue I have is that the motor heats up too, after 3/4min of flight they are 80c. are this temp normal, or there is something wrong I’ve did? I’m using his original battery too, which is rated 35c 2s 350mha.