Spektrum DXe bind to Lemon Rx problems

Hi All,
I’m pretty new at this and am hoping someone here has some experience or ideas on what I am doing wrong.

I am trying to bind my spectrum dxe to an AlienFlight + Lemon Rx quad that I was fortunate enough to get from the Christmas Bazar. Unfortunately the bind fails. I’ve tried a few different channel settings based on something I read on the Spektrum Dxe forum but no luck. Anyone have any experience they can share with me on what I’m doing wrong?

I should note that I can see the quad is in bind mode(blinking red led) and when the bind fails on my transmitter the blinking also stops. So I think it is likely some settings as the hw appears to be working properly.

@MicroFost: The only thing I can think of is to try binding with your TX and RX further apart, say 5-10 feet. Sometimes when they are too close together, binding can fail.

Hopefully, others can offer up more suggestions.

Thanks for the suggestion, I did try that but the behavior is the same.

I found that the lemon rx on the alien flight does not work with dsmx but it does work on dsm2 (that’s what I found anyways). The dxe isn’t compatable with dsm2 (I don’t think) my suggestion is to get a Devo 7e. You have very little options for settings on the Dxe, which could cause problems with setting up the alien (channel throws not reaching 1000-2000) I got really frustrated with the Dxe and just bought the devo 7e. Works much better.

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Guys really… I read way to often here “your RX doesn’t work - get a Devo!”. Please.

What RX do you have exactly? There are basically two typoes of Lemon RX Sats: DSM2 and DSMX sat, might be that you got an old DSM2 satellite receiver - possibly wont work with the DXe. Just get yourself some DSMX satellite receivers and you should be fine. That’s a bit cheaper than getting another transmitter. I would wait with that and save the money you would possibly spend on the Devo for a “real” Taranis later :wink:


The page on Micromotors states DSM2 by default. I think I need to do some homework as I have no idea how to recompile.

  • Spektrum Compatible DSM2/DSMX satellites are supported in the code (DSM2 by default). To use a DSMX sat you must enable DSMX_BIND_11 or DSMX_BIND_22 and the corresponding SPEKTRUM 1024 or SPEKTRUM 2048 defines in config.h file and recompile with Arduino. You must also ensure your satellite receiver and transmitter both support the enabled options.

I sold one of my Scisky DSM2 builds as a BNF to get a friend into the hobby. I told him to get a Devo 7e or Spektrum DX6i or 5e on eBay and I would get him set up. He was all proud when I went by his place and he had a DXE waiting all ready to go. He didn’t get what I told him, and I hadn’t previously played with a DXE before, but how bad could it be right?

I quickly tried to bind it to the quad but promptly failed. I tried again several times because in my past experience Spektrums can be a little finicky but eventually bind. No go! So I told him to let me take it home and do some research and I’ll figure it out and get it back to him soon. Little did I know…

I’m a Taranis guy with a 9XD+ and my DIY Spektrum JR hack module built from a harvested DX6i RF module (for those rare times I need a DSM2/X TX). So take what comes next with a grain of salt.

What a disaster of a TX this DXE thing is!!! I’m not a huge fan of Horizon or Spektrum as it is, but this whole concept is bad, and the way it’s been implemented is horrible.

How can they sell a DSMX TX that isn’t backward compatible with DSM2?

Worse yet, how can they sell a programmable TX that can’t be programmed without connecting it to a PC or mobile device but then not include the required proprietary programming cable with the TX?

Worse than even that, how can they embed a chip into the cable to make it proprietary and prevent users from making their own if they wish?

How can they then penalize their users even further by charging a ransom for the privilege of purchasing the unnecessarily proprietary cable? It’s a USB cable for crying out loud!!!

I see this as hostile and abusive behavior by Spektrum/Horizon towards their customers. This wasn’t the original reason I chose Frsky over Spektrum way back when, but it certainly is the reason from this day forward I will forever be sure to steer everyone I know away from anything to do with Spektrun/Horizon. Even all of my Tiny Whoops now have ZERO Spektrum/Horizon components in them.

All that ranting said, I was able to get the DXE to bind with a Lemon Satellite, without needing a full RX to do so. However it must be a DSMX version as this TX will not bind to a DSM2 RX no matter how hard you try. I used the Betaflight CLI command “set spektrum_sat_bind=8” to get it to work (and it still took 2 or 3 tries). But now the Throttle, Yaw, Pitch, & Roll endpoints are only around 1250-1850 and there is no way to set them wider to 1000-2000 without a PC/mobile device and the infamous proprietary programming cable.

So I reluctantly ordered the wildly overpriced USB cable, which hasn’t arrived yet. I’ll see what can be done to make this into a somewhat useful TX when the cable arrives. I sold the BNF at a loss because it was to a friend and I was playing the older brother getting him into the hobby. But in the mean time I can reflect on how I had to spend $35 more for the Lemon DSMX Sat and the proprietary programming cable (not to mention all the time & effort & pain & suffering) just to try to get it to work with this goofy TX.

I’m not happy, and not a Spektrum/Horizon fan at all.

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yeah, if it’s DSM2, then the DXe won’t bind to it as it only does DSMX. Is it the Alienflight FC that does DSM2 only or the LemonRX?

I still am not a huge fan of my DXe software…love how it feels in my hands tho. The iPhone app HAS gotten better and once you learn you have to go to Settings>About and turn on Advanced mode to get expo, travel, etc. then it’s pretty nice and easy to get set up in Betaflight. I’ve never done an Alienflight FC, wish I could help.

I was able to get my Spektrum DXe to bind to my Alienflight Narrow Classic with a Lemon Satellite DSMX by making these changes in the config.h file: